Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for Couples

Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for Couples

The Indian wedding industry is recognised as the second largest in the world. The average cost of a wedding in India usually ranges between Rs.20 lakh and Rs.50 lakh. With such a grand scale and set up, it is imperative to have a functional plan to ensure that everything pans out well and remains within the budget. The first step to make it work is to create an extensive wedding planning checklist of essential things and stick to it as much as possible.

  • Things to include in the wedding planning checklist

Before creating a wedding checklist, soon to be married couples must prepare a budget. Depending on the illustrative budget one can easily proceed to organise the celebration.

Here is a list of things which must be included in the checklist for how to plan a wedding.

  • Wedding venue decision and budgeting

The first thing that must be accounted for in this list is a wedding venue. Now, depending on the funding availability, you can decide between a regular venue selection for the celebration or a destination wedding. Those who want a destination wedding may opt for a resort, beach or a palatial venue depending on the budget.

Typically, a 2-day wedding celebration inclusive of food and accommodation for 150 guests would cost the host around Rs.15 lakh and is somewhat ideal for an affordable wedding venues.

Also, if one plans for a destination wedding, they must factor in the cost of décor and seasonal demands that can increase the total cost. Usually, the cost of renting a mandap ranges between Rs.10,000 and Rs.1,00,000, depending on the scale and grandeur of the ceremony.

  • Food and beverage

Booking a palatial venue and making food arrangements there for all the guests can involve a high cost. Take into account that most such venues charge for food arrangements based on the total number of guests invited, whereby these charges can be quite high. Other food items like snacks and beverages also contribute to the total cost of food served.

While including all these variables in a wedding checklist is essential, you must also look for tips and tricks to save money while planning a wedding successfully.

  • Wedding apparel, hair and makeup

Couples who are planning a budget wedding should avoid a high-end designer and prefer a wedding boutique for aesthetic wedding apparel. On the contrary, a grand wedding always requires designer apparels for the bride and groom. Likewise, quality bridal makeup packages in India should also be counted in to ensure an aesthetic yet glamorous look for the bride.

Cost of wedding apparel and hair and makeup packages combined can start from the range of Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 and go higher.

  • Bridal jewellery

Wedding jewellery is undoubtedly one of the most cost-intensive expenses in the wedding planning checklist and is quintessential to complete the bridal look. Investing in designer jewellery is best to ensure they remain preserved for a long time.

However, those on a tight budget must add to their checklist to find some useful tips for buying jewellery for brides on a budget to avail quality jewellery at a feasible cost.

  • Other peripheral wedding expenses

Trends like pre-wedding shoots are a common look-out during wedding planning. Combined with wedding photography across ceremonies, it can acquire a sizable chunk of the wedding budget. Other than that, individuals must make it a point to account for other miscellaneous expenses as well.

Notably, the cost of planning a wedding is quite high and often tends to surpass the designated budget for destination wedding cost. However, to make things smooth and easy while ensuring a grand celebration, couples can avail an extensive loan against property to fund their wedding and other related expenses. They can also plan other expenditures around the wedding within this amount, like engagement planning, making travel and hotel bookings for the honeymoon, arranging for return gifts, etc.

Leading financial institutions provide substantial loan value against an attractive rate of interest as loans against property.

They also extend pre-approved offers to their customers to make the entire process of availing loan more convenient and time-saving. Such offers are available on financial products like loan against property and home loans. Check your pre-approved offer in a few steps by entering details like name and contact number.

Being through with a wedding planning checklist and sticking to it throughout is the best way to ensure a well-planned wedding celebration. Counting in all the expenses of a wedding including peripheral costs, and financing it with advances like loan against property can ensure a grand and successful wedding.

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