TO YOUR HEALTH: Incentives make goals attainable | Lifestyles

TO YOUR HEALTH: Incentives make goals attainable | Lifestyles

Throughout my life, my enthusiasm for things waxes and wanes. I often will set a big goal, achieve it, or at least complete the task at hand, and then take a “rest” from whatever I was working on.

Whether it was an educational degree, a fitness competition, a big pile of laundry, or what-have-you.

Many times I find my restart motivation for things harder than I expect. I go from training six days a week for a fitness event and then have a rest period. Typically, the “rest period” should be maybe a weekend of indulging in whatever I want to eat or drink, and depending on the training program I was following, a week off from the gym, maybe.

Many times, it begins to slip away from a week, to a couple weeks and I get back to the gym, but the intensity doesn’t always seem to back as full-on as it does when I am working toward a big goal.

With the world in the state it is right now, I find it has been even more of a challenge to have the intensity I need in my enthusiasm to be where I want. I do home workouts, I do yoga, I go for walks with the dogs and I get on the treadmill, but I never bust a sweat like I do when training for a show in the gym.

The first show I did I was able to go to Chicago and train with Beth Horn, who later became Venom on American Gladiators. She is the person who taught me how to do a one-armed push up. I’d done shows in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Las Vegas and Dallas. I even got to go to the Arnold Classic in Ohio two years to do Jen Hendershott’s Fitness Fashion show. The last show I did was the Kuclo Classic in Dallas two years ago in May. Steve and Amanda Kuclo are both national and international fitness and bodybuilding icons. They put on an amazing show.  

It kept me focused many times. When my son had been in the hospital when he was 14, trying to allow myself to do some things to keep fitness in my life while I lived at the hospital next to his PICU bed helped me so much mentally.

Over the years as I was able to work with clients including not only body builders and the “general population,” but working with clients who were survivors of abuse, people with severe mental illness or developmental disabilities, or even just someone who was dealing with anxiety and depression and wanted to be healthier, knowing how fitness and yoga both helped me achieve things in my life, has helped me as a guide to others.

 I’ve decided this year, after having some serious waning in my motivation level for a while, I needed something to motivate myself to get back to my usual “on-season” training even though I wasn’t planning to do a show.

 I am happy to say I am in the running for the Ms. Health and Fitness 2020 with Muscle and Fitness magazine HERS.  

This type of completion encourages my goals, and supports my dreams to help me build a wheelchair accessible yoga cabin at Jones Wellness Ranch just north of Greenville and can bring some recognition to the causes that matter most to me.  

I’m asking today for your support to take a minute and give me a click with your vote. You are able to go online every 24-hours to vote for me and can vote for free or make a contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project at

Thanks for reading and thank you for your support!

Liz Jones can be reached at [email protected] or through

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