The coolest license plate frames for your Porsche

The coolest license plate frames for your Porsche

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It’s a very simple accessory and you might even find it pointless, but a license plate frame is an affordable way to add some personality to your vehicle. Designed to hold and protect your license plate, some frames will also protect the body of your vehicle by adding a layer of material between your vehicle and the license plate. Since it is a pretty basic and straightforward accessory, choosing the right license plate frame for you and your vehicle largely comes down to personal preference.

Below, you’ll find our picks for the coolest license plate frames that are out there, some of which are designed specifically for Porsche owners. They’re presented in no particular order, so pick the one that speaks out to you!

1. Porsche genuine OEM license plate frame

porsche genuine oem license plate frame black

Obviously you’re at a Porsche blog, so we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t recommend a wide assortment of official Porsche license plate frames. Since these are genuine Porsche products, they also have the Porsche premium price tag. You can choose from the official Porsche logo to showing off which model Porsche you own. They are also available in different finishes, including black, silver, and carbon fiber.

The links below are all official and genuine Porsche license plate frames which look great on any Porsche. Again, the pricing might shock you if you’ve ever shopped for license plate frames, but these are made from stainless steel instead of plastic and are the real deal.

Check Price on Amazon (Black)

Check Price on Amazon (Silver)

Check Price on Amazon (Carbon Fiber)

Check Price on Amazon (911)

Check Price on Amazon (Carrera)

Check Price on Amazon (Macan)

2. Rightcar Solutions silicone license plate frame

rightcar solutions silicone license plate frames

I have personally become a huge fan of these silicone license plate frames. They’re simple and stylish and I particularly like this option because it’s offered in a variety of different colors. So you can choose to match or contrast your car’s exterior, while protecting your vehicle since there’s an entire layer of material separating the plate from the body.

Since it is made from silicone, you don’t have to worry about it degrading or fading over time. It won’t rust either. Rightcar Solutions has also integrated clever drainage holes, so water won’t sit on your license plate and potentially tarnish it.

Choose from black, aqua blue, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. A great and affordable way to add a personal touch to your car!

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3. ZXFOOG carbon fiber license plate frame

zxfoog carbon fiber license plate frame

If you like the look of carbon fiber, there are several different license plate frames to choose from. But our recommendation comes from a company called ZXFOOG, who covers an aluminum plate frame with 100% real carbon fiber cloth. Afterwards, each plate frame is grinded and polished by hand before getting a UV protection clear coat.

Each plate frame comes with all the hardware you need to mount it, including unique anti-theft bolts and the tools required to install them. You can choose from three different designs, depending on whether you want four holes or two, and whether those holes are slim or wide.

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4. Ohuhu matte aluminum license plate frame

ohuhu matte aluminum license plate frame

For shoppers who want to add a license plate frame that isn’t flashy, take a look at this matte aluminum license plate frame from Ohuhu. It comes in black, red, or rose red and is an aluminum plate frame with a powder coated, matte finish. These frames have no logo or text on them, so you could add your own little stickers to it if you wanted to.

Along with all the hardware, you’ll also get snap caps to cover up the screws. It’s an ideal option for car owners who want a basic, yet high quality license plate frame.

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5. SunplusTrade chrome license plate frame

sunplustrade chrome license plate frame

Our final recommendation is for all the chrome lovers out there. Of course there are several options to choose from, but these plate frames from SunplusTrade appear to be the highest quality. They are stainless steel plate frames with a chrome finish, so they shouldn’t rust or corrode. Each plate comes with installation hardware, including chrome cover caps.

The inner backside of these plate frames also have tabs to help prevent your license plate from rattling. Best of all, they’re sold in pairs at an affordable price. If you only need one for your vehicle, you’ve got either a spare or a gift!

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Are license plate frames legal in the U.S.?

License plate frames are legal in the U.S., but certain states do have laws on the style of frame you can use, since wide bottom frames can cover a portion of the license plate. We recommend checking with your particular state if you have any concerns. You can look for more information here.

What’s the point of a license plate frame?

As we mentioned earlier, a license plate frame is a simple accessory that is designed to protect and hold your car’s license plate. Since license plates are generally thin metal plates, their edges are prone to bending. Another reason to install a license plate frame is to add separation from the body of your vehicle. Some frames will also have clips to prevent rattling noises.

Perhaps most importantly, a license plate frame allows you to add some personality to your vehicle without spending a lot of money. Besides, don’t you want to replace the frame that’s advertising your dealership?

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