‘Fox and Friends Weekend’ shares home improvement secrets as supply chain issues continue

If home improvement projects have been piling up around the house or apartment because of product delays caused by supply chain issues in the U.S., take heart. 

Speaking on “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Feb. 5, 2022, DIY expert Chip Wade shared ideas and products we can use and buy right now to spruce up our homes or apartments in time for spring. 

Here are some key tips for moving forward.

Spruce up those walls without damage

Taking a hammer and nailing photos or art on the walls sounds pretty harmless, right? 

Chip Wade during a ‘Fox and Friends Weekend’ appearance on Sat. Feb. 5, 2022. He shared smart tips for sprucing up our homes and apartments ahead of springtime 2022. "You won't damage your walls" if you try this technique, he noted.

Chip Wade during a ‘Fox and Friends Weekend’