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J.P. Morgan: 2 Stocks to Buy (And 1 to Avoid)

Marko Kolanovic, the well-known quant strategist with JPMorgan, sees a positive feedback loop forming that will drive the markets higher next year. Kolanovic believes that a decline in volatility and favorable monetary policies will combine to make stocks the go-to investment for 2021, fueling further market gains. Officially, JPM is forecasting a 25{09c3c849cf64d23af04bfef51e68a1f749678453f0f72e4bb3c75fcb14e04d49} gain in the S&P 500 over the next 12 months.With investors gravitating toward stocks, volatility low, and cash cheap, Kolanovic is predicting that institutional investors will also step up. In his recent note, the strategist says