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Sweet corn highlights late summer | Food and Cooking

The weather can pose many challenges for corn growers, said Herr, who lost a portion of his early plantings after an April frost.

He’s been growing corn for about 20 years on his family farm and plants roughly 60 acres of sweet corn that he supplies to a variety of vendors, ranging from farm stands to grocery stores.

VanDerGriend said that the recent heat wave contributed to an abundance of fresh corn that is very sweet, which has resulted in a temporary price drop. Normally $5.50 a dozen at his stand, the corn will be $3 a dozen through Tuesday (the stand is closed on Sunday and Labor Day).

Herr Farms also has corn at $3 a dozen. They’re closed Sunday, but will be open on Labor Day.

So how do you know that you’re getting a good ear of corn? Herr said to look for a nice green color on the husk. VanDerGriend said to also look for a nice brown color on the silk.

“If it’s not ready to pick, the silk is a purplish color. When it gets brown it’s ready to be picked.”

VanDerGriend also noted that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better when it comes to taste. Some varieties naturally produce smaller ears, so the size of the ear isn’t really important. It is important, however, to look for smaller kernels.

“When the kernel gets bigger, it loses its sweetness,” he said. “Kernel size is what matters.”

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