Regret a doing, which is not a mistake!
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Regret a doing, which is not a mistake!

Regret a doing, which is not a mistake while it seems to be a blunder to someone else. Have you been in this situation at any time? If yes, then I am with you buddy. Sometimes we do things that just come as a reflection of the conversation at that point.

People are here to judge you:

No matter how good you are to them or how hard you try to keep up the relationship with them, no matter how you mind your own business and not poke your ass into theirs. They shall come after you for one damn thing. And thereafter they shall be judging for every decision you make. No matter how good that decision might be.

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The good, bad, ugly

Every relationship goes through these phases, good, bad, and ugly. When people who have a problem with you do not come directly to you to talk it out but go behind you. I know this is always the case. Being firm enough just to make them realize that that situation won’t bother you is a win!

A relationship that is good turns bad when it goes behind your back and it, in turn, turns ugly when you confront them about something and they on auto mode shift the blame right onto you!

Regret a doing, which is not a mistake!

You might regret that, but when you truly believe that, that is not a mistake then let go, babe! Kill them with the ultimate success when you want to. not many people are happy about the success of other people.

Regret a doing, which is not a mistake! The Confession

So, honestly, this is my story! At the beginning of writing this post I did not feel like saying it as my story, but as I wrote, felt positive and somehow wanted to confess. Everyone has gone through this phase. Getting horrific backlash from dear ones is a nightmare.

Determined to show them success without uttering a single word against them.

Let me know how you have dealt with a situation like this.

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