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PRETTY AND PLEASANT: How to Make Your Rooftop a Cozy Space at Home

When you see things from above, you witness them from a uniquely beautiful perspective. You get to realize that every angle is worth every precious attention.

If there’s a feature that you would want your dream house to have, what would it be? Haven’t thought of it yet? Then know that a rooftop must be!

In the asphalt jungle filled with countless vehicles, tall buildings, innumerable houses and crowded streets, everybody is definitely looking for places to relax and take in fresh air. Amidst the stresses of everyday, you surely want to be embraced by a nice setting that will provide you with refreshing views and a calming feeling. When you are too exhausted by the city’s noise and hustle, you would be relieved to find a rooftop of your own.

Without a doubt, city habitants who enjoy the good things about possessing a rooftop are fortunate since they do not always need to leave the town to be somewhere easing off. Now, one of the struggles of some homeowners with a rooftop is not being able to make this expanse comfortable and convenient enough to be rejuvenating. Some treat their roof decks as storage rooms filled with unused things when in fact, they can be a clean and safe haven.

If you are experiencing a challenge similar to the one mentioned, you better read on to get some ideas on how to transform your rooftop into a cozier space!


Having a wide space within reach like a rooftop at home is very advantageous. On days you want to receive some sunlight on your skin but don’t want to leave the house, you can simply get up there and say hi to Mr. Sun! The sunlight is directly hitting it, so you are surely going to meet him from there!

Sometimes though, the sun seems too harsh or too bright. It makes the place like a sauna. But, aha, you still want to stay there! During those times, you would wish you took your umbrella with you because you are too lazy to go back down and go back up again.

That is why for a very commodious and secure experience on your rooftop, set some large umbrellas up!

First of all, large outdoor umbrellas will provide your home a cooled deck that’s ideal for resting and enjoying refreshments. They can shield your things from getting brittle and wrecked due to extravagant heat exposure. Of course, they will cover you under the sun’s UV rays.

Meanwhile, if it’s not the sun that you are concerned about but the rain, large umbrellas are still the perfect accessories for your rooftop. You won’t be hampered to visit it despite raindrops falling!


Maybe your home interior is filled with metals, steel, wood and other concrete designs and decors. Make a change with your cheerful rooftop by popping cushions and couches on it.

When you arrive home tired or wake up with a not-so-good feeling, you can unwind on your rooftop. You surely don’t want to keep standing all the time, so sofas, couches and cushions are suitable!

There are immeasurable options, colors, styles and types to choose from. Decide depending on your own taste and need.

Have you been wanting a restful outdoor seating for your rooftop? Modern sofas such as daybeds and chaises must be your pick! Transitional sofas like tuxedos and camelbacks are also superb! Round couches, curved sofas and beanbags are the best picks for your coffee time or nap time when indoors are not what your vibe fits in!


Don’t waste the chance to use your rooftop as your plants’ special area!

Huge potted plants can create a more soothing atmosphere. Your rooftop will be more energy efficient! The usage of air conditioning appliances will be reduced, too, since plants distribute cleaner and fresher air!

What you must be aware of is that the rooftop is prone to harmful elements brought about by weather shifts. Plants will extend the lifespan of the rooftop and the roof!

You have the freedom to choose the pots you want to use! Pastel colors? Prints? Plain white? Stripes? Whatever pot patterns and shades, you can make them happen on your rooftop.

With these lovely potted plants, you will not just beautify the area but also help keep the surroundings clean and the air quality so much better!


Did somebody say homestyle party? Grills on rooftops are a thing!

You can designate a space on your rooftop where a grill spot is! That makes outdoor cooking (grilling) your favorite meats and seafood easier.


Of course, aside from the sun’s natural lighting at daytime, you need to illuminate the rooftop space at night!

Here’s a suggestion to make the place really home-like! Use paper lanterns! They come in more color selections than you can think of. They aren’t just round! Other shapes are available, too, like squares and diamonds! That’s just so fabulous!

Note that you can decorate pathways on your rooftop with these gorgeous paper lanterns. Hung on the large umbrellas or placed on the sanitized floors? Your call! What’s more, paper lanterns are not as pricey as other lighting fixtures and sorts!

If it’s windy, they will sway with the cool wind! If it’s just sunny, they will make for a colorful and zestful mood up there.



There you have those awesome tips to help you adorn your rooftop while making sure it is homey! Keep in mind that you can make your open space decorated as you prefer. Consider your budget in setting up your lovely rooftop. Lastly, do not forget that it is to be maintained properly to avoid any unwanted roof repairs, rooftop damages and home issues that might give you a burden. Utilize it safely and responsibly, so your rooftop lasts as pretty and pleasant as you want it to be!


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Travel, health, shopping, lifestyle and business are among the many subjects she writes about. Through quality and well-researched writing, she informs and even entertains readers about things that matter. She is also interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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