The deals help “legitimize” Peeps’ position as a well-known brand, noted Pye, and make “Peeps even stronger.” And the more partnerships Peeps has, the more brands want in, he said.

“There’s no doubt that other brands are taking notice,” he said. “It’s kind of snowballing.”

Peeps are back with a vengeance

Peeps returned to store shelves in January for this year’s Easter season. The holiday accounts for about 75% of Peeps sales each year.

For partner brands, joining forces with Peeps around Easter offers a way to make a seasonal marketing push and keep their products top of mind for customers, Calkins said. And Peeps is a comforting brand for many people, one that brings to mind childhood memories and the start of spring. Conjuring that feeling is especially valuable now, when the pandemic has boosted sales of nostalgic foods, like sugary cereal.

“This year, people are looking for things that are comforting, and they’re looking for things that are familiar, and Peeps is a perfect brand for this environment,” Calkins explained. “That will buoy your spirits.”

That emotional connection goes beyond any particular affinity for actually eating Peeps, Calkins noted.

“They have all sorts of positive associations. Even if you don’t like to eat them, it’s hard to be too upset by Peeps,” he said.

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