New electric Porsche Macan to be revealed next week

New electric Porsche Macan to be revealed next week

However, these have been heavily reworked to boost power density and efficiency, featuring a new ‘double V’ magnet arrangement and switching from a silicon semiconductor to silicon-carbide. The latter reduces switching losses – effectively power leakage – in the motors’ pulse inverters.

These improvements yield power outputs of up to 603bhp, with more than 738lb ft of torque, sent to all four wheels. The firm has not commented on whether an ‘overboost’ function – as offered on the Taycan Turbo S to temporarily raise power and torque to 751bhp and 774lb ft – will also be available on the Macan EV.

Porsche macan ev front taycan

Rear-wheel drive is also possible on the PPE platform, said Janssen, although this will initially be used only to decouple the front motor when cruising to reduce rolling resistance (and conserve energy).

Dynamics have also been a point of emphasis for the Macan EV. Model chassis manager Dominik Hartmann confirmed that it will have a “performance rear axle”, with the motor mounted as far back as possible. This gives a weight distribution of 48% at the front and 52% at the rear, to maximise traction. For reference, the Taycan’s mass is divided 49:51 front to rear.

Porsche also confirmed that the tyre widths will be more staggered than on the current Macan – the existing GTS variant uses 265mm-wide rubber up front, but 295mm-wide tyres at the rear – to accommodate the rearward weight bias and further improve grip.