Mission Presents | M-Link | At-Home Bench DME Flashback, Backup, Recover, and Unlock

Mission Presents | M-Link | At-Home Bench DME Flashback, Backup, Recover, and Unlock

Mission Presents | M-Link | At-Home Bench DME Flashback, Backup, Recover, and Unlock


Mission Tuning announces the immediate public release of the new Mission-Link (M-Link) tool. A first-of-its-kind purpose-built device that performs four key at-home functions: DME Flashback ™, DME Backup, DME Recovery, and full DME bench unlock.
Complimentary to any flashing platform the M-Link, is internet and app-independent, battery-operated, and portable. M-Link works with any Wi-Fi-enabled device that has a browser and It features a user-friendly intuitive tabbed UI.

With Mission hardware and software designed in-house and in the USA. M-Link technologies have been in use internally at Mission and with our OEM partners since 2019. Now refined and re-engineered for the consumer…. we are proud and excited to launch our patent pending M-Link, available to ship immediately.

Flashback Explained: Create & export an unlimited number of DME mirror image restore points that a user can “flashback” to at any time (flashback or super license required)

  • Flashback Example Use Case(s): Flashback to a pre-tune or pre-piggyback DME state, fully & completely restoring your DME to its’ virgin state, including all black box and fasta data. That means no more dealer flags after tuning or piggybacking.

Bench Unlock Explained: Bench unlock your car’s DME at home in seconds with nothing more than a WIFI device with a browser. No internet or App is necessary. M-Link is powered via USB-C and is compatible with any user-provided USB-PD power supply. Provide your own or purchase our battery option for a truly portable experience. No messy battery terminal clips, exposed wiring, or polarity concerns. (unlock or super license is required).

  • Bench Example Use Case(s): No longer does an unlock mean risky banana plugs on your delicate DME, trips to an unlock center, or mailing your DME and having downtime. Perform unlimited unlocks on a single-vehicle

Backup Explained: Every time a bench unlock is performed an automatic backup is created that can be used to restore your DME should an unlock be interrupted. Note: only the latest backup is stored internally to M-Link however with every backup an external file is created that can be safely stored by the user.

  • Backup Example Use Case(s):
    1. An unlock is interrupted and the operation has been halted mid-process. Simply use the internal backup file (or your user-saved backup file) and restore your DME to its pre-unlock state using the recovery function.
    2. Going to the dealer and worried about being flagged? Flashback using your pre-modifications DME image.

Recovery Explained: Recovery uses the internal (or external) backup file to recover your DME to its’ pre-unlock state should an unlock be interrupted (refer to backup for complimentary details)

  • Recovery Use Case: An unlock is interrupted, simply select recover from the UI and choose between the internally stored M-Link backup file or use an external backup copy

Some additional features to look forward to

  • Version control: Leverage Flashback technology to retain the firmware version of your choosing, despite dealer updates.
  • Flashback Pro: Return your DME to a pre-tune, pre-piggyback state despite the fact that you did not have an M-Link present prior to DME or Engine system manipulation.

Note: at home licensing and firmware updates are straightforward, easy, and intuitive. If features are offered at no charge, existing M-Link customers will simply need to update their device


Designed 100% in-house in the USA, from the beautiful aluminum enclosure to the software, and the code, we have been using this technology since 2019 internally and with our OEM partners.

  • Aluminum enclosure (optional plastic version coming soon)
  • OEM DME plugs (no more risk of damaging the expensive DME pins with banana plugs).
  • USB-C power supply with onboard current monitoring network (No exposed wires or battery clips needed for a safe and secure connection.)
  • App and Internet independent.
  • Proprietary closed-source software for stability, redundancy, security and safety.
  • Internal DME backup (Never lose your original file)
  • End-User upgradeable firmware and licenses.
  • Flashback technology to minimize the chance of warranty flags.
  • Transferable and resellable license and hardware.
  • US Developed, Engineered, and distributed.
  • US customer support

What is supported?

  • All Pre-2021 MG1 DMEs
  • B58 Generation 1 and 2 (G29, G20, G05, F30, G30, Supra, etc)
  • S58 Generation 1 (F97/F98 pre LCI)
  • B46 and B48 (G30, G20, G29, F30-LCI, etc)
  • S63 Generation 3(F90)
  • B57 (G30 Diesel)
  • N63 Generation 3 and 4 (G05, G30, etc)

For even more information or to buy today visit us at missiontuning.com

A separate thread will be created for the User Guide.

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