Guess what!? The jersey still fits.

Granted, it’s a little snug in some spots. And it looks a little tattered and torn. Otherwise, it’s still in somewhat playing shape. At least in the way it was used to be wearing when it was being worn more regularly.

Do me a favor: Don’t tell anyone. If memory serves, and it’s another thing that doesn’t work so well these days, it was supposed to be turned back in upon the completion of the eligibility process. For memory sake, it remains in prized possession.

The dingy off-white pinstriped Mooresville Gresham-Baker Post 66 American Legion baseball team uniform shirt remains a keepsake item. It always rekindles some of the fondest memories of the sport. These days, though, it’s been thrown through the proverbial wash-cycle ringer. That’s something new. When it was being worn, it hardly ever got tossed in the washing machine.

An ongoing and continuous on-the-diamond baseball conflict continues to rage.

The well-established and nationwide American Legion baseball program, which for the first time in years is once again back in the forefront in the immediate area, is again at odds with a relatively newcomer to the game.

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The Travel Team concept is bringing the legion outfit to its knees. The drain on the talent pool is being felt and noticed at both levels.