It’s Turkey Time (Almost) – Joy the Baker

It’s Turkey Time (Almost) – Joy the Baker

It’s Turkey Time (Almost) – Joy the Baker

As I write this, it’s not even Halloween, but all I’m thinking about is Thanksgiving. I’m scouring the grocery store aisles for Nov. issues of Bon Appetit and Food & Wine, but they’re not out yet. I want to see tablescapes, read recipes and make lists! I want to plan! Is anyone else feeling like this this year? Is it boredom? Stress? TBD. 

While I continue making a list of questions for my therapist to answer, here are some links and recommendations to get you through your first cup of coffee this morning. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month.

Yours in gravy,


• I was so sad to read that Julie Powell died. You may remember her as the author of Julie & Julia, which of course was famously turned into a movie in 2009 by Nora Ephron. When I read Julie’s obituary, I was surprised that I teared up and then I realized that she was the blueprint for so many Gen X-ers, myself included, who started blogs in the early ‘00s. (, The New York Times)

• Has anyone else listened to the new NYT podcast, We Were Three? It’s the story of a woman who loses her immediate family to Covid and then goes through their phones afterwards and reads their texts from the last few weeks. It’s heartbreaking, but it’s also great insight into families with people who fall prey to misinformation and conspiracy theories. If you’re a reader, listen to the credits. Kiese Laymon was a consultant on the show.

• I don’t know how many of you are interested in writing classes, but let me turn you on to Sheree Greer. I just finished a 4-week memoir writing class with her and I was blown away. I’ve been taking writing classes for 5-6 years and I’ve never had a teacher like Sheree. She’s teaching a 6-month Build Your Novel class and a 6-week personal essay class. Get in where you fit in! (Instagram)

• ICYMI: Margo Price wrote a memoir and it just came out. I bought a copy to get into an event and then I bought the audiobook too because she said that she sings in it. If you would also like to buy 2 different versions of Margo’s book, here is the hardcover and here is the audiobook. (,

• Any Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fans in the house? Man, I loved that show. Rachel Bloom is in a new show on Hulu called Reboot and it’s great. I also dress just like her character on the show, which lol me. (Hulu)

• One of my favorite things is Roxane Gay’s advice column for the New York Times called Work Friend. I especially love this one from Sept. about who gets to work from home and who doesn’t.

• I took my first Julia Turshen cooking class and I loved it so much. Turns out, I’m not adding enough fun into my life, so I’m going to work on that (by doing more Julia Turshen cooking classes). The class is on Zoom, so I just propped my iPad up on my NutriBullet and cooked alongside Julia and 50+ people for 90 minutes. I had the freaking time of my life. Learn more and sign up here.

• Speaking of classes and fun, Joy is teaching a free class (!!) on how to make apple pie with pecan praline on Wednesday. If you miss it live you can always run it back anytime on this new platform called Kittch. Learn more and sign up here.

• I’ve talked about my barre instructor Lauren Leavell before and I’m talking about her again because she has a new podcast called Rest Days. Lauren’s co-host is her best friend Maria Terry, a Registered Dietitian. They dive into diet and wellness culture, black-and-white thinking and so much more. Take a listen. (Lauren Leavell Fitness, Apple Podcasts)

• This is a rec for anyone who needs a hair mask, or for anyone who just likes a really good smelling, thick conditioner. For years, I’ve been using this $30 Amika mask and the last time I ran out I was like, let me just see what else is out there. Friends, this $15 dupe from Ulta is what’s out there. I bought it and I love it.

An argument for biology. (TikTok)

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