‘It’s the betrayal for me’

‘It’s the betrayal for me’

This TikTok parent shared the moment her baby “betrayed” her by choosing her grandparents over her mom!

Olivia Parker (@mrsdrozario) is a self-described wife, mom, and CEO who shares relatable mom content on TikTok. Olivia recently shared a hilarious video showing just how much her baby loves her grandparents. In the video, Olivia arrives to pick up her baby from her grandparents’ house, only for the baby to cling to her grandparents and refuse to leave!

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The video begins with a shot of Olivia’s parents standing outside of their house, holding the baby. Everyone is bundled up in winter clothes, and the baby has her arms slung around her grandma’s neck. “This happens every time I pick up my baby from my parents’ house,” a caption reads.

“Time to go home,” Olivia says, as her mom gives the baby a kiss. The baby turns her head away from her mom, and looks back towards her grandma.

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“Come on,” Olivia says as she reaches towards her daughter. But her daughter doesn’t want to leave. Once again, she turns away from her mom, reaching her arms out towards her grandpa.

“You don’t want to leave your real parents behind,” Olivia jokes. “I understand.”

Olivia’s mom tries to hand the baby over, but she clings to her grandmother and begins to cry. “It’s okay,” Olivia’s mom says, as she pats the baby’s back, trying to calm her.

The video ends with Olivia’s mom still holding the baby, trying to soothe her. “It’s the betrayal for me,” Olivia writes in a caption.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Olivia’s hilarious video.

“Grandpa is the problem. The look in his eyes says, ‘Baby girl, you don’t have to go if you don’t want to,’” one viewer joked.

“I don’t blame her. Grandma looks like she gives the best hugs and smells so good,” wrote another TikToker.

“Please may I have more grandpa and grandma content? They are so cute!” another TikToker pleaded.

Olivia might have felt a little “betrayed” by her daughter, but she didn’t sound too upset. After all, it’s wonderful that her daughter gets along so well with her grandma and grandpa!

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