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Iowa BBQ Company brings southern cuisine to Northwest Iowa | Food and Cooking

Matt Simms loads up the smoker with beef brisket to cook for twelve hours at Iowa BBQ Company in Le Mars.

“In a heat wave, we have our smokers going,” Sitzmann said. “While we’re closed for a few months every winter, our smokers will still be going when there’s snow on the ground.”

It probably goes without saying that there is always an appreciative fan base for Iowa BBQ Company’s grub.

“People don’t ordinarily think that the ‘Ice Cream Capital of the World’ would have authentic barbecue but people are willing to drive great distances for our food,” Sitzmann said. “Social media’s been great at getting the word out.” 

“Plus we’ve had truck drivers pulling off the highway who give us rave reviews,” Holub interjected. “Truck drivers tell it like it is.”

Thankfully, they enjoy Iowa BBQ Company’s unpretentious cuisine. Here, you can get your choice (one-fourth pound, one-half pound or one-pound) of brisket, pulled pork or sausage links. 

Iowa BBQ Company

Michelle Holub puts together a plate of brisket, pulled pork, spare ribs, and jalapeno cheddar sausage, Wednesday at Iowa BBQ Company in Le Mars, Iowa.

Want it between two slices of bread? No problem. Want it with homemade potato salad, beans, Cole Slaw, fried okra or jalapeno poppers? A friendly face at the counter is only too happy to help.

In fact, Iowa BBQ Company’s grab-and-go way of doing business proved surprisingly popular when more traditional eateries struggled during the coronavirus crisis.

“For a long time, sit-down restaurant had to reinvent themselves and beef up their to-go menus,” Sitzmann explained. “Iowa BBQ Company didn’t have those problems since we’ve always done business that way.”