Unfortunately, this recipe wasn’t a winner in our house. But I will use that garlic spread on the outside of future grilled cheeses, just maybe not in such generous quantities. We all agreed that tater tots are a great pairing to grilled cheese, although a side of tomato soup would do a great job of cutting through all the richness.

If this decadent, cheese-filled sandwich sounds right up your alley, here are a few things I would recommend doing.

1. Halve everything except the bread. Half the amount of cream cheese spread (and you can probably skip the heavy cream altogether), half the amount of garlic spread, and just a slice each of cheddar and provolone in each sandwich would still yield a tasty grilled cheese without the gut-bomb feeling after.

2. Get good bread. Sliced French or sourdough bread has the best flavor for this sandwich, as they don’t contain the hint of sweetness that some white sandwich breads have.

3. When building the sandwich, just layer everything onto one slice of bread. Skip the slightly confusing instructions for building the sandwiches. Start with provolone, spread on the cream cheese mixture, then top with the cheddar before closing the sandwich.

4. Grill the sandwich longer. Two minutes per side just wasn’t long enough to get that signature cheese pull you want in a grilled cheese. Use medium-low heat and be patient, or put a lid on the sandwich for the half the time if you want to stick with medium heat.