How to Improve Window Security

How to Improve Window Security

Windows provide natural light and ventilation. They can also provide entry for stray animals and unauthorized persons if not properly secured. Renewal by Andersen® of Central Pennsylvania shares a quick guide on how to make your windows more secure.

Window Security

Install Window Locks

Window locks are the simplest yet the most effective way to secure your windows. When buying window locks, keep the window styles in mind as they are not interchangeable. Also, keep in mind that egress windows — windows that function as emergency exits — must not be blocked or otherwise hindered. If they must have window locks, then the locks need to be easily unlocked from the inside.

Durable Glass

Glass is the most vulnerable part of a window, at least on traditional ones. Fortunately, you can secure your window glass in more than one way. One is by choosing grilles set between interior and exterior panes, which prevents entry even when the glass is broken. There are various types of laminates that prevent glass from shattering into pieces, like on windshields. Tempered or heat-treated glass, typically used on sports cars, smartphones and laptops, is also an option but not commonplace.

Window Bars

Bars over vulnerable windows can be useful on windows that are not often used but may still provide ingress. It’s important to note that window bars also bar egress, and there may be local building codes that prohibit them or at least have a list that specifies which windows can have bars installed over them.

Window Alarms

Window sensors are triggered when they detect movement, and can be installed near the windows where they’re not easily seen. They’re ideal for people in your household who tend to leave their windows open and forget about it. Some manufacturers offer window alarms that can be integrated into smart home systems.

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