How to Choose the Right Bird Food and Supplier
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How to Choose the Right Bird Food and Supplier

Bird watchers often enjoy attracting new birds in their backyards, but how to get more chirping? Saudi Arabia is a country where birding has become one of the most popular hobbies. Looking for the right bird food and supplies in Saudi Arabia? If yes, read the complete post to get an idea of how to choose the right bird food suppliers in the country. Before that, it is important to know how to start. There are many people who have taken up bird feeding as a hobby.

How to Choose the Right Bird Food and Supplier

Different types of wild bird feeders available on the market have different shapes. Here are some of the common bird feeders:

  1. House bird feeders: These types of feeders are loved by birds due to their classy house shape. The house feeders are made of different materials, like steel or recycled materials.
  2. Tube bird feeder: As the name implies, this feeder comes with a hollow tube where the seeds are placed. They are perfect for attracting small wild birds, not the larger ones. The tiny birds can easily eat the seeds while hanging upside down. However, too much weight can be sensitive for this type of feeder.
  3. Nyjer bird feeder: This feeder is also popular as a thistle feeder. They come with tube-shaped small tubes that are perfect for feeding. Squirrels don’t like the nyjer feeder. It has a durable stainless screen where the birds can extract the seeds.
  4. Window bird feeder: A widow feeder is ideal for all birdwatchers who can easily take photos from inside the house. They are perfect for the balcony or patio portions of the house. This unique bird feeder has three suction cups installed inside, perfect for feeding birds comfortably.
  5. Shut feeders: The mesh feeders can attract a variety of birds. One can easily attach it to a tree, hang it from a hopper feeder, or any other comfortable way. Reliable bird food and supplies in Saudi Arabia can always suggest the best option for an area.

Different types of bird supplies are available on the market. Sunflower seeds, Nyjer, mixed seeds, suet cakes, hot meals, and several other interesting bird food items are available to attract birds in backyards. Those who observe birds should invest in a good quality bird feeder. Choose a bird feeder that is easy to refill, clean, withstands inclement weather, and is designed for different types of bird seed.


There are different nurseries for backyard bird supplies. But not all of them are reliable. Only reliable bird food and supplies in Saudi Arabia can provide the right-quality products. Make sure they are trusted and reliable in the market. While visiting the store, keep an eye on their cleanliness and store conditions. The experts can help their clients with their birding needs. Also, check whether they have the proper licenses and certifications from the state government. These were a few simple tips on birding.

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