How to Bet on Sports

How to Bet on Sports

If you like a flutter and you want something to do when the kids are in bed, you may want to try your luck betting on sports. And why wouldn’t you, with some big sporting events on the horizon such as the Football World Cup, placing a bet or two can make the games more exciting. So, let’s take a deep dive into what you need to know when betting on sports as it is quite involved, and involves a lot more than a cursory glance at the online bookmakers ranking and creating an account.

Create a Bookmaker Account

When assessing bookmakers ensure they are:

  • Licenced – Often reputable ones are licensed in Malta.
  • Good reviews– Check social media, online, and forums.
  • Use your instincts– Do you like the look of it and how it feels?
  • Sports – Ensure you can bet on the sports you want.

Once you’re happy create an account and find a few of them as odds vary and you always want the best odds.

Deposit Some Funds

Normally this is a straightforward process and you simply click “Deposit money”, follow the steps and you’re good to go. Once confirmed you’re ready to place your first bet.

Finding Your Sport

Again, here go to the sport you want to bet on, find the game and click it. So, you want to bet on Leicester City vs. West Ham Utd. You click the sport, ‘Football’, the country, ‘England’, the league, ‘Premiership’, find the match then click.

Choose Your Bet

As soon as you click on the match you’ll be presented with several betting markets. There is the straightforward such as “Who will win?” to the more in depth “In what quarter of an hour will the first goal be scored”.

Choose the bet you want and click on the corresponding odds to select it. Make sure you know the outcome of your bet, i.e. how much you’ll win if successful first to avoid surprises.

Confirm Your Stake and Bet

After you click the odds you’re presented with the betting slip and a space where you enter how much you want to stake. Type in the number, for example, £5. Obviously, you can’t bet more than you have in your account. Check all the details of the bet are correct and change incorrect details should there be any. Once you’re happy to proceed click confirm.

Win or Lose

Once the match is over there are two scenarios. If you have lost nothing happens and your funds will be down by the amount you staked, for example, £5. If you have won, then your winnings will be deposited into your funds. You should now be able to withdraw them.

Please note it may take a few minutes for the system to calculate and deposit your winnings. So don’t panic.

Withdrawing Winnings

Unless bonus terms and conditions are in operation you can now withdraw your winnings. Simply click the “Withdraw money” tab, select the amount you want to withdraw and click the button to make the withdrawal.

Well done have a beer!

Betting makes sport exciting and fun but remember never bet more than you can afford to lose. Good luck

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