How did the fight game engage with the Superbowl last weekend?  – Ash Sports Media
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How did the fight game engage with the Superbowl last weekend?  – Ash Sports Media

Back with another blog post, and I’m loving it! This weekend saw one of the biggest sporting events take place, the SuperbowLVIII! The San Francisco 49ers didn’t quite cut the Kansas City Chiefs, as the end result was 25-22 in favour of the Chiefs. 

I won’t lie- I don’t know too much about American football. However, I completely understand the scale of the Superbowl from a marketing perspective. Therefore, I’ve written this blog to do what I do best: support fighters, fight brands and promotions by getting their marketing strategies on point.

Specifically, through this blog, I’ll be sharing transferable content marketing tactics that you can take away from other sports to benefit the growth of your brand awareness and engagement.

Right, let’s get into it! 

Create a batch of customised sporting events assets

X post from betr promoting American football player, Patrick Mahomes

Across Jake Paul’s media outlet, Betr, they were consistently active with a lot of live odds betting content regarding the game. The reason is that is what his brand is driven by, encouraging followers and prospective audiences to place odds and engage with the brand. 

However, a marketing lesson the fight game can take away from this is that when it comes to different events with prospective audiences you want to entice, try to maximise branding wherever possible. 

For example, we can see that Betr has created some customised graphics relating to Patrick Mahomes, which could lead to a repost and then an opportunity for them to gain more followers as a result of that. 

Use sports events to drive attention to social causes

X post from Movsar Evloev

17-0 UFC fighter Movsar Evloev has utilised the opportunity to bring more attention and awareness to the issues affecting Israel currently. Based on this X post, it appears he’s criticising those who are more engaged in the Superbowl across the pond, however, he’s spotted this as a macro opportunity to raise awareness about a societal cause at a time when needed. 

For that reason, if you’re a fighter and have your endeavours you want to raise awareness about, take notes from athletes such as Evloev.

Don’t overlook long-term trends, such as behind-the-scenes content

Instagram reel promoted by UFC broadcaster, Megan Olivi

UFC broadcaster, Megan Olivi, created a little highlight reel on her IG feed showcasing her involvement in the Superbowl this weekend. Across the sports industry, there’s always been an appetite for behind-the-scenes content as it’s not something which is always caught on camera. 

Therefore, you can repurpose this theme through various practices, such as 

👉🏾 if you’re a fighter, simply film yourself during instrumental parts of the event. Such as entering the stadium, capturing moments of the game etc. 

👉🏾 if you’re an independent brand, make comparisons to other user-generated content accounts and learn from how they format their content. 

👉🏾 if you represent a promotion, attempt to make culturally sensitive references. E.g. How would Patrick Mahomes fair in a real fight? Etc. 

Take advantage of specific features across different channels

Instagram story of UFC fighter, Alexa Grasso accompanied via a filter through the platform

Despite this having nothing to really do with the Superbowl, UFC flyweight champion, Alexa Grasso, shared this Instagram story where she’s used the template to essentially “photoshop” herself into an ad in a building. 

What’s really innovative about this is you can repurpose it across different channels? For example, share it in the comments of conversations around the Superbowl on X/Twitter.

X thread promoting UFC298

Here’s another example of a specific feature used on Twitter, THREADS! A user-generated content account has utilised the SuperbowlVIII hashtag to grow their own brand awareness for personal leverage while promoting their core theme of content surrounding UFC298.

Now that’s a wrap! Did you find this valuable, and just as importantly, did I miss any other innovative bits of content out?