“Gravity Mist” Water Feature at the Dubai Expo UAE

“Gravity Mist” Water Feature at the Dubai Expo UAE

“Gravity Mist” Water Feature at the Dubai Expo UAE

The Science of Gravity and Anti-Gravity Visually & Sustainably Captured in the “Gravity Mist” water feature at Dubai Expo UAE. – Photo Courtesy Crystal Fountains

The Science of Gravity Explored with “Gravity Mist” Water Feature
Koolfog worked with Crystal Fountains Creative Director Robert Mikula to create a mist effect that transforms two sculptures presented at the Dubai Expo UAE. The team was challenged to use new ideas for water features exploring an anti-gravity visitor experience as well as implementing innovative practices and advanced technology to protect and manage our resource. With a sustainable concept in mind, the team provided a beautiful fountain that not only expressed the importance of living in balance and harmony with our planet but how water can create a lasting future.

Designing, Manufacturing, Constructing, & Implementing an Attraction for a Global Stage

Original Gravity Mist mock-up presented at Crystal Fountains headquarters in Toronto, Canada

Various design mock-ups were presented with the Gravity Mist Fountain concept winning over the client. The overall Gravity Mist fountain design consisted of a dry deck with no visible water.  At interval times, water is activated to flood this deck and fill a pool of water. A grid of concealed fog emitters (submerged fog nozzles) create a “bubbling mist effect”. As the water further recedes, the previously submerged fog nozzles are exposed to create a cloud of fog. Lighting was integrated in the design to create a luminous effect throughout the night.

A Pandemic Problem
As the project progressed, the world was side-tracked by the dawning of COVID-19. The pandemic paused the project for some time. When the project was, again, green-lighted to go forward, the implementation schedule was accelerated. Our teams worked diligently to maintain the integrity of the mist effect while managing supply chain difficulties to deliver the fog equipment.

water feature

One of two sculptures during installation prior to opening of Dubai Expo

Bryan Roe, President of Koolfog, Inc. says, “Koolfog integrates with the “Gravity Mist” water feature’s fountain control systems to create a visually stunning representation of gravity’s elements. A mist effect develops into a cloud of fog and the effect leaves a small imprint bit provides high impact.”

Learn more about this amazing project here: https://expo2020.crystalfountains.com/gravity-mist/

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