“Nostalgia has and continues to be huge with snacking and providing a sense of comfort, especially the past two years,” Janda Lukin, Chief Marketing Officer at Campbell Snacks, told CNN Business. “With Mega Bites, we’re giving adult consumers — many of whom grew up eating Goldfish — a new way to experience their beloved snack.”

Grown-up flavors and cocktail pairings

Pepperidge Farm launched Goldfish in the United States in 1962. At first, the snacks were targeted toward adults: Early on, the crackers were marketed as a bar snack, said Lukin. Julia Child, she noted, used to pair Goldfish with her upside-down martinis.

Since the 1990s, however, Goldfish has been marketed as a kids’ snack. But adults never stopped eating them.

In fact, “about 47% of Goldfish buyers don’t have children in their household,” said Lukin. “Capitalizing on this opportunity, we’ve been on a mission to expand our audience and become a beloved brand for adults,” she said.

To appeal to grown consumers, Goldfish has been experimenting with spicy flavors.

In the spring, Goldfish teamed up with Franks’ RedHot on a limited-time hot-sauce flavored line of Goldfish. And in September, it introduced another limited-time spicy flavor, Jalapeño Popper. That item launched in partnership with JNCO, maker of the the extra-wide jeans popular in the ’90s, to up the nostalgia factor.