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General Hospital Recap: Britt Westbourne is Named Chief of Staff

At Turning Woods, a doctor speaks with Carly, Sonny, and Joss about Mike. The oxygen Mike is on will keep him comfortable, as will medication for any pain. He encourages them to visit with Mike. They go in to see Mike, and Sonny tells his father that they are there for him and he won’t go through this alone. Carly excuses herself to call Michael, and Joss asks Sonny for a moment alone to privately say goodbye. Sonny leaves them, and Joss tells Mike that he’s the only grandfather she’s ever known and can’t picture her future without him. She thinks about milestones to come and how she wishes he could be there. She envisions him seeing her off to the homecoming dance and being able to see her graduate with honors. She promises to make him proud and imagines Mike sharing a moment with her after her wedding, and her sharing the news she’s pregnant with him. In the hall, Carly tells Sonny that no matter how far gone Mike seems, his memories of all of them are in there still.

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At Ava’s gallery, someone takes a photo of Franco and Ava kissing. They quickly pull apart and know they can’t do this. Ava comments nobody can find out about this, as it could cost them both their marriages. Shocked, Franco asks if she has feelings for Nikolas. She claims she despises the man, and she fills him in on their prenup which is keeping them together. Franco finds it insane and suggests she find a way to make Nikolas fall in love with her.

Franco is shocked by Ava's feelings on General HOspital

In the park, someone snaps a photo of Liz and Nikolas kissing. Liz pulls away and says she can’t do this to Franco. Nikolas suspects she wants out of her marriage. Liz scoffs and wants to save her relationship, and the kiss was an impulsive mistake. Nikolas apologizes and admits he has a lot to lose too. She doesn’t think he is going to last with this abstinence prenup clause. Elsewhere, Dev talks to Cam about his feelings for Joss and Trina. Dev suggests he pick one, go for it, and set the other girl free. Cam tells him he doesn’t get it because he’s asexual. Dev is insulted, but Cam says he never seems interested in anyone. Dev tells him to just focus on his problems. Later, Franco finds Nikolas alone in the park. He was supposed to meet Liz and asks if he’s seen her. Nikolas claims he hasn’t seen her, but Franco says she texted him that she ran into him. Nikolas says it’s probably just a misunderstanding. Franco can’t believe how late it is, and comments, “Time gets away from me when I hang out with Ava.”

Nikolas and Liz talk on General Hospital

At the hospital, Trina thanks her mom for clearing the air with Ava and letting her work extra hours. Trina fills her in on their group going to homecoming as friends. Later, Finn and Epiphany talk with Portia and Trina. They are all supposed to meet the new Chief of Staff. Trina receives a text from Joss indicating they can’t meet up because her grandfather is fading. Later, Trina has departed, and Britt appears and announces to everyone that she is the new Chief of Staff. Liz arrives and is shocked to see Britt is back, and to learn she is Chief of Staff. Britt is horrified by the mismanagement that has been occurring at General Hospital, and she advises Epiphany and Liz to check their new schedules as outlined by the new head nurse. Liz, Portia and Finn back up Epiphany as head nurse, but Britt indicates this is Cyrus’ decision as chairman of the board. Liz and Epiphany leave to check their schedule, and Liz learns Epiphany has been bumped to an administrative position doing paperwork. Liz has been demoted to a satellite crew with two shifts a week. Finn is stunned when he learns of their new jobs, and Epiphany thinks Renault is putting their patients at risk. Meanwhile, Portia asks Britt what her fate is. Britt believes in her, and so does Mr. Renault.

Portia is happy for Trina on General Hospital

Trina stops by Ava’s gallery to start putting in her extra hours and admits she can use the distraction. Ava inquires what is troubling her. Trina admits it’s the upcoming homecoming dance, and what happened at the last dance she went to. She knows this will be different and she, Joss, Cam and Dev are going as friends. Trina fills Ava in on Joss’ grandfather, and Ava asks Trina to hold down the fort as there is something she needs to do. Later, Trina thinks about Cam.

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At Turning Woods, Ava arrives and tells Sonny that she heard about Mike and asks if there is anything she can do to help. Back in Mike’s room, Joss tells Mike how much she loves him. He looks at her and gives her two thumbs up.

On the next General Hospital: Nikolas visits Brook Lynn, and Felix learns Britt is his new boss.

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