Former Second Round Pick Turning Corner in Everett

Former Second Round Pick Turning Corner in Everett

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Back in 2017 the Seattle Mariners drafted Sam Carlson in the second round. He was an over-slot selection out of high school, getting over $1.2 million for a draft bonus. MLB Pipeline had him ranked as the 15th best prospect in that draft class. Unfortunately, it has been a difficult road for the former 55th overall pick.

Carlson made his debut in 2017 and pitched just three innings before needing to have Tommy John surgery. After recovering from elbow surgery and missing a season due to the pandemic Carlson made his return to a professional mound in 2021. After struggling as a starting pitcher for two seasons in Modesto, he has been in the Everett AquaSox bullpen this year.

The year started off rough for the Minnesota right-hander. Through his first 19.2 innings he had allowed 21 runs, giving him a 9.61 ERA. He walked 16 of 100 batters but also struck out 18. However since June 15th Carlson has appeared to have found something.

In the same sample size, 19.2 innings since June 15th, Carlson has allowed just three earned runs, good for a 1.37 ERA and has picked up three saves. He also has struck out 29 batters and walked just three. He is striking out over 42% of batters since June 15th, a significant increase from his first half of the season. It is tough to know if Carlson can keep this up, but this bullpen role might continue working for the former top prospect.

Modesto Nuts (A) – California League

4 Michael Arroyo SS .274/.395/.441, 3 HR, 11.7% BB, 18% K
11 Lazaro Montes OF .302/.454/.604, 10 HR, 20% BB, 24.4% K
18 Michael Morales RHP 19 GS, 95.1 IP, 4.44 ERA, 24.6% K, 9.5% BB
28 Milkar Perez 3B .271/.381/.366, 1 HR, 13.4% BB, 24.7% K
35 Tyler Gough RHP 9 G, 8 GS, 28 IP, 6.11 ERA, 17.7% K, 11.3% BB
36 Ben Williamson 3B .268/.318/.415, 4.5% BB, 27.3% K

Everett AquaSox (A+) — Northwest League

1 Cole Young SS .274/.398/.458, 10 HR, 14.6% BB, 14.6% K
2 Harry Ford C .249/.407/.417, 13 HR, 18.3% BB, 18.9% K
5 Gabriel Gonzalez OF .311/.369/.505, 16 HR 6.3% BB, 16% K
10 Tyler Locklear 1B .304/.421/.548, 12 HR, 13.3% BB, 22% K
24 Axel Sanchez SS .199/.285/.353, 7 HR, 8.5% BB, 29.2% K
30 Hogan Windish 2B .254/.362/.450, 14 HR, 12.5% BB, 33% K

Arkansas Travelers (AA) – Texas League

13 Jonatan Clase OF .246/.357/.462, 17 HR, 13.8% BB, 27.5% K
15 Prelander Berroa RHP 34 G, 5 GS, 52.2 IP, 3.25 ERA, 36.7% K, 15.4% BB
27 Alberto Rodriguez OF .296/.377/.532, 12 HR, 9.5% BB, 23.3% K
32 Robert Perez Jr. 1B .249/.333/.440, 14 HR, 7.8% BB, 28.8% K
38 Ty Adcock RHP 19 G, 20.2 IP, 1.74 ERA, 29.3% K, 6.7% BB
40 Travis Kuhn RHP 36 G, 40 IP, 2.70 ERA, 20% K, 11.2% BB
44 Jorge Benitez LHP 36 G, 52.2 IP, 2.22 ERA, 27.3% K, 15.6% BB

Tacoma Rainiers (AAA) – Pacific Coast League

9 Ryan Bliss 2B .318/.378/.528, 14 HR, 7.1% BB, 20.5% K
22 Zach DeLoach OF .293/.398/.487, 18 HR, 13.6% BB, 28.3% K
26 Juan Then RHP 24 G, 28 IP, 9.96 ERA, 16.9% K, 11.5% BB
29 Eduard Bazardo RHP 31 G, 43.1 IP, 3.12 ERA, 30% K, 6.7% BB

Tai Peete Makes Pro Debut

Tai Peete, Mariners 30th overall draft pick, has gotten in some games recently to make his professional debut. He is playing in the Arizona Complex League and has played in seven games now.

The 18-year-old has eight hits in his first 29 at bats. He has walked three times and struck out eight times and has driven in two runs and stolen two bases.

Coming in as Jason Churchill’s 8th ranked Mariners prospect, he has high praise from Churchill, “Peete may already be the best athlete in the system and offers a chance at three plus tools – throw, run, and power.” The youngster has a lot of pro ball in front of him, but he is certainly one gifted young player.

Mariners Prospects In the News

MLB Pipeline ranked all 30 organizations farm systems, see where Seattle’s ranks.

The Mariners called up catcher Brian O’Keefe to replace Tom Murphy who went on the Injured List with a thumb injury.

Who might be the Mariners number one prospect in 2025? MLB Pipeline predicts each organization’s top prospect two years from now.

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