The Unicorn Cookie Cups Baking Kit, which comes in a pretty pink box with pink cooking equipment and packaging inside, is the fun at-home baking experience for children three and up to do with a parent or older sibling. The 17-piece kit makes .24 mini size cookie cups and contains the following: 1 apron, 1 measuring cup, 1 silicone baking pan, 1 mini scoop, 24 mini cupcake liners, 1 unicorn horn mold, 1 unicorn plate, 1 whisk, flour, sugar, sweet Belgian chocolate chunks, white chocolate, pink sprinkle mix, pink powder, marshmallows and vanilla frosting.

There are also kits for making pizza, homemade bread, and a Rainbow Ravioli Making Kit.

Using olives harvested on a small, intergeneration farm in Jaen Spain, Olivo Amigo is a premium extra virgin sustainably grown olive oil that is bottled in eco-friendly and attractive white bottles with stainless steel spouts for easy pouring. The olive oil currently available comes from olives pressed in after last year’s fall harvest in October.

Olivo Amigo also works for dressing a salad, dipping sauce, and in one of the many recipes on the company’s website. It can be used instead of butter or vegetable oil to make a sweet olive oil cake. The upside, besides the flavor, is that it adds the health benefits of olive oil to a dessert. Olivo Amigo comes in two flavors, Joy, with its undertone of almond and peppery aftertaste that contracts with citrus zest taste and Vitality, with its nuances of fig and apple.