FitBeat Smart Watch Reviews: Smart Fitness Activity Tracker?

FitBeat Smart Watch Reviews: Smart Fitness Activity Tracker?

FitBeat is a smart activity
wristband that users can wear to watch their heart rate and keep an eye on
other health-related biometrics whether they are working out or going about
their day. The wristband offers an adjustable size that will fit most consumers,
and it also operates as a smartwatch.

Found only at, the FitBeat smart watch fitness tracker is making headlines in 2020 as the best biometric body monitoring activity band under $100 as the device provides all kinds of advanced health feedback to men and women of all ages. Let’s review the FitBeat watch and see if the smart body tracker is the right option for you if interested in knowing your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels 24/7/365 in as little as 10 seconds.

is FitBeat?

FitBeat smartwatch is turning
heads in the fitness tracker world as this activity band offers all of the
health-enhancing features as big name brand models at a traction of the price.
Whether you want to count steps or know the number of calories burned daily, to
analyze sleep patterns for optimal resting cycles and more energy throughout
the day, the FitBeat fitness tracker syncs up to any Android or Apple
smartphone and can send or receive text messages and call alerts seamlessly.

Knowledge is power, and this
same rule applies to understanding information about the body. When someone
goes to the gym or works out from home, they want to know details like the
distance that they jog or how much time they’ve spent in an aerobic state.
However, to get this data, the user has to choose a machine with it all, and
that can be rather expensive. To get the same type of information without
spending thousands of dollars on a machine, there’s FitBeat.

FitBeat takes on two distinct roles – as a fitness and biometrics tracker with smartphone compatibility. As a tracker, users will be able to get details about everything from their sleep patterns to their blood pressure, from their calories burned to their heart rate. Knowing these details can make it easier to understand the progress that the user makes through their routine, but it also shows any possible issues with the heart that may arise.

As a smartphone, users can
check out any of the text messages and calls that they receive, regardless of
whether they carry an Android or Apple device. The technology isn’t complicated
to integrate into the average day, and it uses typical biometrics to scan the
body for the health data, which is then saved on the user’s smartphone. The
display will show an update on every piece of data collected with 10-second
intervals. It will even tell the user when they haven’t moved for too long.

of Using FitBeat Smart Watch

The FitBeat adjustable activity band hugs either wrist comfortably and is easy and fast to operate for individuals of any age.  The advanced biometric technology made available inside the FitBeat smartwatch gives real-time data to users who want to quickly scan heart rate, blood oxygen levels and blood pressure at a glance. The versatile, flexible, easy interface will track sleep, monitor body vital signs and enable smartphone notifications with any make or model on the market.

The FitBeat is built with the
best specifications in any smartwatch available in the market. This product has
been a consumer favorite because of its easy to use features and top-notch
quality. The basic specifications of the FitBeat Smartwatch Fitness tracker are
listed below:

Display: Full-Color High definition Screen. The screen comes with
a Touch Key method of operation

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Compatibility: Both Android and iOS devices

Sensors: g-sensor, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor,
and blood oxygen monitor

Whether you need an event
reminder or to locate your lost phone, FitBeat offers a wide range of features
and functions that leading industry activity bands offer at three to five times
the price. With the idle alert warning or the ability to view message history,
call display or reject incoming phone calls, the FitBeat is head and shoulders
the best fitness tracker under $100 given all of its available options to help
enhance health around the clock and gain valuable insights via the advanced
biometric technology.

Right now there is a 50{09c3c849cf64d23af04bfef51e68a1f749678453f0f72e4bb3c75fcb14e04d49} discount on the FitBeat watch that also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee that makes this a no risk purchase today.

FitBeat Features to Know

The FitBeat Fitness tracker
is a versatile device that helps you keep track of your health and keeps your
fitness and health goals in check. This device does not require any special
handling and can easily replace your current watch. To get all the benefits
that this device has to offer, all you have to do is wear it on your wrist the
entire day. You do not have to press any button to receive health metrics and
track your health. Some of the most notable benefits of the FitBeat Smartwatch
is listed below:

  • Keep a constant check and
    monitor your heart rate
  • Keep your body’s fitness and
    health levels under continuous supervision
  • This device provides stats
    when working out.
  • You can receive phone
    notifications and messages. This device displays them on the screen
  • All health metrics are
    updated every 10 seconds
  • Keeps track of sleep cycles
    and ensures you are well-rested
  • This device is user friendly
    and is extremely easy to use,  even
    seniors and people who are not aware of technology find it discomforting can
    use this device with ease.
  • The display of the watch is
    bright and big enough. Anyone can read notifications, message alerts, and body
    metrics without any problem
  • Monitors blood oxygen levels
  • It keeps your blood pressure
    under check and helps you monitor it
  • This device counts the steps
    that you made in a day 
  • It keeps you updated on how
    many calories have been burned for the day
  • Tracks calories that you have
    burned when performing a workout or specific type of physical activity
  • It gives you alerts on phone
    calls and text messages received on your phone
  • Works with both Android and
    Apple devices
  • You can set alarms, reminders
    on this device.

Use FitBeat Smart Fitness Tracker?

With today’s irregular
lifestyle, we tend to keep our health on the side tracks. Not anymore, the
FitBeat Smartwatch gives you easy access to all information regarding your
health. It is a lightweight smartwatch that enables you to monitor your heart
rate and overall health with a click of a button.

Gain invaluable insights on your body’s vital signs with an innovative and advanced biometric technology. The FitBeat SmartWatch has taken the world by a storm with its revolutionary technology and affordable price. There are several smartwatches available in the market, but what makes FitBeat Smartwatch unique is its ease of use, approach towards features, and fantastic price brings it to a full spectrum.

Keep your health in check all
the time this device helps measure blood pressure levels, heart rate, and even
oxygen level in your body. The display on this smartwatch is immaculate and can
be read easily even in harsh lights. The display screen is resistant to
scratches, which makes it perfect for wearing the entire day and even while exercising.
The data displayed is updated every 10 seconds, which ensures that you have the
precise vitals on your health.

Using the FitBeat Smartwatch
is sure to keep you motivated and ensure that you reach your health and fitness
goals. You can keep up with your workout routines and seeing that your health
is improving every day will give you the push and inspire you to work on your

This article is providing you
with all the relevant information that you need to know about this
revolutionary product so you can take an informed decision of whether to buy or
not to buy the FitBeat Smartwatch.


Only available online, users
will have several options in their order of FitBeat, depending on how many they
want to keep on hand or offer to the family. Choose from:

  • One watch for $49.98
  • Two watches for $85.48
  • Three watches for $119.95
  • Four watches for $139.94

To get the lowest price and best discount on the trendy new FitBeat watch, make sure to visit today.

To reach the official FitBeat company’s customer service, use the email address: [email protected] or by phone at 800-990-0181. If this high-end affordable smart body fitness tracking watch doesn’t offer everything that the user expects and needs, they can send it back within 30 days and get their money refunded.

FitBeat Watch a Scam?

The FitBeat Smartwatch is not only created for people who are struggling to lose weight but people who are interested in maintaining good health and are devoted to fitness. It gives easy access to body metrics that monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen levels which is crucial for seniors and people suffering from chronic diseases. It is an all in one device and the ultimate fitness tracker for tracking fitness biometrics. It is made with premium quality materials. Skepticism is natural when such an attractive, affordable fitness tracker comes along that provides nearly all of the same functions as big name brand models on the market. However, one can tell that all of the available features the FitBeat watch offers, combined with the money back guarantee and refund policy, FitBeat is no where near a scam. The only FitBeat scam potential out there is to not buy the watch from the official brand website as consumers would then run the risk of not getting an authentic product from the actual company producing this unique fitness tracker.


FitBeat helps users to get in shape with the understanding of different health data. The device is easy to synchronize with any smartphone, and it can be worn nearly anywhere without clashing with the user’s attire. The multiple packages let users save money by ordering more at once. The device updates frequently for the most current information, ensuring that users know what their heart and other parts of their body are going through at the same time.

Besides the health sensor and
providing the body’s vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels,
there are many other features instilled in the FitBeat Smartwatch. It can track
every step that you have taken throughout the day, informing you about the
calories you have burned in a day.

This device also has a sleep
tracker that monitors your sleep time and ensures you are fully rested. This
device is compatible with both Android and IOS operating devices so you can
receive notifications and messages on your watch. You can also receive call
notifications with a reject button if you are busy.

This device is the hub of all
millennial features that one requires to function smoothly in today’s world.
There are many additional features aside from the ones mentioned. With this
device, you can unlock your phone, set a reminder, alarm, and sedentary alerts.
This device allows you to locate your phone and is compatible with any smart

FitBeat has created smart
watch and fitness tracker in a league of its own, and it is safe to say that
you will not get such a premium quality activity band and health monitor under
$100. It is water and sweat proof and resistant to shocks and scratches. It is
lightweight, and you can wear it throughout the day. With an advanced health
monitoring mechanism, this device is your best shot at having a fitness tracker
and a smartwatch at an incredible price.

Act Now and Take Full Advantage of this Unique Fitness Tracker Smart Watch Activity band from FitBeat Today!

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