Fashwire Might Just Be The Tinder of Shopping

Fashwire Might Just Be The Tinder of Shopping

Fashwire is the latest App to give consumers an easy way to upgrade their wardrobes. Founder and CEO, Kimberly Carney, tells us what differentiates them from everyone else in the marketplace and how they’re curating a more affordable and accessible way to shop. 

What’s the concept behind Fashwire? What makes it unique?
Fashion was long overdue for a shakeup and innovation is always in fashion. Fashwire is unique in that it offers a value proposition to every segment of the retail chain. By presenting the designer products to thousands of targeted consumers, Fashwire provides real-time data and feedback on the popularity of new, current and future collections long before they are stocked — improving costly ordering decisions. With over 300 designers from more than 30 countries, Fashwire also supports the consumer who is interested in fashion and relishes the idea of influencing the brands they love.

Fashwire features mostly contemporary designers. How do you support the brands you are featuring?
Fashwire is a global marketplace where users can shop directly from the women’s and men’s fashion brands they know and love and, moreover, discover new ones from all over the world. Fashwire is changing the way we shop. By connecting consumers directly with brands all in one app, Fashwire allows brands to curate, create, and control all product and content in their profiles rather than working with buyers and merchandisers in a traditional retail model. Designers present their collection for consumers as they envisioned them, with their original intention.


What kind of price range are you working with?
The vast majority of our pieces are from contemporary emerging designers and are under $250 USD. That said we have  many established designers on the site at a higher price point. We are also adding more designers daily in the luxury space. Fashwire is about discovering brands, and less about the price point of the pieces. One of the features helps give feedback to designers on whether their look is hot or not.

This feature reminds us of Tinder. Can you fill us in?
Fashwire’s swiping feature gives consumers the opportunity to give their feedback and be influencers while giving brands important insights on consumer shopping behavior. Users are able to see a designer’s entire collection and swipe left if they love a piece, or swipe right if they would prefer to pass on an item. This real-time consumer feedback allows designers to make better production decisions to improve margins and increase profitability. It encourages users to be influencers as their feedback becomes part of vital brand decision making.

How can designers be considered to be on the site?
We are always scouring the globe for talent. Our goal is to help consumers discover fashion everywhere. It’s always fantastic when designers are brought to us, we love brands. Users are able to share the amazing designers they know and love on our social feed My Wire.

Can you tell us more about the social feed component?
Our My Wire social feature gives users a way to share their own personal style and encourages brands to post, tag and make their product shoppable. It’s a true feed for fashion. We encourage both users and designers to use this feature in their profile. Users can enter competitions, share their style discoveries and shop from the feed. Designers often share their inspiration, new pieces from their collections and a behind-the-scenes look at what is coming next.

You are working with contemporary designers now. Are you exploring more luxury designers as well?
The Fashwire marketplace is evolving based on what is resonating with our consumers and our designers. We focus on emerging and established designers. The whole industry is going through a long over due shakeup and Fashwire was really ahead of the curve in terms of finding solutions for designers and consumers. As we look at the luxury space there is absolutely opportunity there.

Tell us a little bit about the Spotlight section of the site. Who are you featuring?
In the Spotlight section we feature editorial stories with our designers so users can intimately get to know them in one-on-one interviews. Our discussions are called FashTalks and here we explore their stories as brands, what drove them in their early days, inspiration behind their current collections and the impact of the current environment. Many of them have their own philanthropic missions as well and we want consumers to get to know the designers they are discovering and shopping from.

What’s the philanthropic component of Fashwire?
Our FashGive philanthropic arm is an important part of our business. In partnership with Retailers United we are donating $1USD a download to provide financial assistance to those in the retail industry who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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