Fashion goes high tech with Mixed Reality

Fashion goes high tech with Mixed Reality

We all know the term high end fashion. One term that could be the next new trend and increase in popularity over the next couple of years is high tech fashion. École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD), a French private school of Fashion has utilized Mixed Reality to train their students.

The funny thing is the French fashion school never intended to use Mixed Reality to teach their students. The use case came from convenience thanks to their existing database of 3D objects that are specific to the fashion industry. Like most companies that design products or clothing, ESMOD already had some type of digital or cad model from their design phase. Thanks to the help of 3D modeling, they turned those digital and cad models in 3D models to use in Mixed Reality.

They created their first Mixed Reality training on how to use a sewing machine with Microsoft HoloLens device and Dynamics 365 Guides application. The moment the first users tested the course they knew this training was an instant success. Mixed Reality bought an interactive element that engages students in far more effective matter compared to a traditional instructor led lecture.

ESMOD feared they were missing a human element and eye to valid student proficiency on how to use a sewing machine. In respond they conducted tests where teachers were remote and could intervene to explain a process in detail or review something a student might have a question about. Remote Instructors were able to collaborate like they were together in person using the build in Guides calling feature. As they explain how a part is installed incorrectly of the sewing machine, they could point out with an arrow or draw a circle on exact part that is wrong.

All production and manufacturing companies should take note of what ESMOD has done. They took something that already existed from the design process in their digital or cad model and turned them into 3D models. From there they combined those 3D models with Microsoft HoloLens device and Dynamics 365 Guides no code application to develop training courses. The simple no code design of Guides empowers instructors and managers to create the training courses using the 3D models developed. ESMOD showed the adoption and scale process is simpler than you think. The investment pays for itself with time and money saved in areas like instructor training time, employee or student onboarding time, and training effectiveness to name a few. Most companies think Mixed Reality is this daunting concept that requires a significant investment in time and money. However, they are already equipped to transition to the new age like ESMOD and transform the way they train.

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