Enthralling Father’s Day Plan with Kids

Enthralling Father’s Day Plan with Kids

Planning for Father’s Day? Being a Sunday, kids and their fathers can enjoy the whole day with so many activities or travel around the city to different places. If you are still not sure how to spend the day and what to do on Father’s Day then we have got you covered with an exciting Father’s Day plan, read on further.

Father's day plan with kids
Amazing Father’s Day plan with Kids!

Father’s Day Plan with Kids

Planning with kids for Father’s Day in itself is an exciting activity as kids get the chance to make decisions for having a good time with their father. Here you can discuss and choose the following activities that kids would love to do with their Dad!

On the eve of Father’s Day

Prepare a list of favorite homemade snacks, drinks, cookies, pocket knives, fruits, nuts, etc to carry so that you have something to munch when you leave your home. Besides, remember to update music CDs/ songs playlists, headphones, and extra batteries for the uninterrupted flow of music during travel. The camera is another travel accessory that needs to be carried to capture sunny moments.

Other than the above, think about the games you can play on this day. Alternatively, download printable games at negligible cost and enjoy precious moments like never before. 

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Start early for Father’s Day Fun  

Get ready early in the morning. Grab some quick snacks, shakes, etc to charge up your batteries. Dress up in comfortable wear as per the weather and pack some extra clothes,     swimming costumes, and undergarments, just in case, you might need them.

Father's day plan with kids

Plan a Father’s Day Gift

Want to surprise your father or your kid’s dad, then plan now. You may create a greeting card with your kiddo, cook something nice for him, buy his favorite gadget online, or simply order flowers and cake online to be delivered on time. Would not it be fun to surprise him with a lovely gift?

Online Shopping for Father’s Day

How about family twinning outfits for this special day? Buy wonderful outfits for every family member and wear them on this day, it will be so much fun. Check out some amazing family outfit options in the given link- 



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Head to a famous garden/ park in your city 

Your first travel spot can be a  popular garden or ecological park in your city. Cities such as New Delhi have plenty of green belts such as Deer Park, Garden of Five Senses, and Lodhi Gardens. Take a stroll around the garden, jog, run, and observe the blooming flowers all around. 

Kids would love to take a nature walk with their fathers. If the place permits some sports action then do carry the relevant equipment such as skates, badminton, football, etc for added pleasure. After all the fun and run, settle down for a while to munch the eatables and get started for the next destination.


Fun at Zoo or aquarium

Kids love animals. So it would be a great idea to pay a visit to an aquarium or zoo on Father’s Day. Check out various species and explore family bonding between kids and parents of a species. Do click some selfies with your camera throughout the travel to keep the memories fresh.

Dose of Adventure

Choose your pick among different options such as go-karting, indoor trekking, climbing the wall, water activities, ice skating, and other interesting activities. Since you have already packed swimwear and an extra pair of clothes, so straight away dive into the pool without a thought. The whole family will have a great time.   


Father's Day activities
Pool time with Dad is so exciting

In case your kids are too young then you may opt for a safe kids zone to enjoy with them. These places usually have plenty of cafes and food outlets as well to deal with your hunger pangs after the adventure mania.

father's day ideas
fun in the backyard!

Backyard Camping on Father’s Day

Not to worry if you can’t step out. Consider camping in your backyard or on your terrace. It will be a memorable time for the whole family while dancing, singing, and playing. Check out these home camping ideas for unlimited fun dose.

Indulge in Father’s favorite activity

Probably he had some favorite hobbies that he had not been able to pursue like gardening, karaoke, or playing an instrument? This is the time to revive that hobby. Plan in advance to sow some seeds or plant some vegetables in your garden. You may either buy related equipment or engage in his favorite activity to make his day so more delightful.

Sign up for an exciting class

Father's day activities
Book an online session for your dad!

Amid hectic schedules, often dads are not able to pursue their interests. Find out what he has always wanted to do like learning Mediterranean cuisine, dancing or some kind of skill. Get him enrolled for the same and surprise him on Father’s Day. Don’t forget to capture his reaction when you disclose this to him!

Fly Kites together

On Father’s Day, make your own kites at home, or you may buy and fly kites in your backyard. You may also go to a nearby open space/ park to enjoy kite-flying with kids and make lovely memories.

father acronym
The role of a father is special!

Talent show at home

Prepare an act with kids well in advance, create a space for the act, arrange props, and surprise him with acting/ song and dance skills that reflect the love of kids for their adorable Dad.

Science experiments with Papa

Grab the necessary ingredients and participate in some amazing experiments at home such as homemade lava lamps, invisible inks, slime experiments, baking soda volcano, fun glow in the dark, and so on. You can find amazing ideas on the internet and give them a try on Father’s Day, sounds exciting, huh?

Star Gazing with Kids

father's day activities
Star gazing with dad on Father’s Day!

Star gazing is something that all of us enjoy. Arrange for star gazing time from your terrace or backyard, and let Dad share some stories or his experiences. That is the moment that kids look forward to, building a real, close connection with their father.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide clues and hints in the home and backyard and let the Dad decode the secret. Wouldn’t that be fun? Here we have made this easy for you, download now-

                                        Picnic Games: Kids’ Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Hit the outdoors

Let your father display some great skills outdoors like fishing, camping, hiking, or boating. Seeing the dad in action and getting adventurous is a treat for kids. You bet the whole family is going to love this adventure and cherish the memories for years.

Still, want some more ideas for Father’s Day plan?

It seems you can go on further after all these activities! Then why not go to a movie? Check out the latest releases and book your tickets. However, if this is not what you want then check the events for the day in advance and go for live band shows, stage plays, circus, stand-up comedy shows, etc, places like Mirror Maze, Wax museums, and mystery rooms which assure wholesome entertainment throughout the evening.

After all these fun-filled travelings throughout the day, both kids and Dad will hit the bed with loving memories and smiles on their faces.



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