TAMPA, FL — Nancy C. Millan and the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s office donated 200 surplus computer hard drives and parts to Computer Mentors of Tampa.

The computer surplus gathers every three years through system updates or when systems become obsolete for their processing software. Additional items like keyboards and computer cables, and cords were also part of the donation.

“We are always so proud of what Ralph Smith is doing at Computer Mentors and the effect he has in our community,” said Millan. “We are honored to be able to use our computer hard drive surplus to help him with his mission to provide for our underserved youth in Hillsborough County.”

Computer Mentors provides computer training and classes in programming, coding and even public speaking.

Computer Mentors will give 80 of the donated hard drives to a local STEM program called STEM Xposure, which needs the devices for its “Revitalizing East Tampa” Architectural Design and Construction Camp. The camp provides an opportunity to expose minority students to careers in architectural design.

“The timing of this incredible donation was perfect. This is going to allow us to make sure every child in the STEM Xposure program will have a device to themselves and not have to share with their siblings or parents,” said Ralph Smith, founder and executive director of Computer Mentors. “They can independently work by themselves and get their homework or projects done.”

“With 32 students in our program without a laptop or device, they couldn’t participate fully. So, this donation means everything,” said Robyn Donaldson, founder of STEM Xposure.

If companies or organizations would like to donate computers, monitors or other computer equipment, contact Computer Mentors of Tampa.