Covid-19 survival guide for the health and fitness industry

Covid-19 survival guide for the health and fitness industry

[PRESS OFFICE] With level 3 of lockdown in full swing and regulations being eased, while gyms and fitness centres remain closed, things may look a little bleak for those in the health and fitness industry.

How can you keep your business afloat in the face of restrictions and strict measures? Here are a few of our top tips.

Understand the market

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown have had negative effects on most people’s finances, which means that a lot of them are looking for ways to reduce costs. Expenses like gym memberships are being canceled in favour of at-home workouts. With Covid-19 numbers steadily rising, more people are likely to continue doing their workouts from home even after lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Understanding the concerns of your market, which in this instance are health related pertaining to Covid-19 infection as well as staying fit, you will need to map out alternatives that put them at ease. This may be easier for individuals in the health and fitness sector as well as smaller fitness clubs. However, larger gyms can also benefit from adjusting their operations to cater to this new normal. Furthermore, being on lockdown has left most people with the desire to socialise and connect with others, which gives you the opportunity to fulfil this need somehow.

Embrace digital

One thing that every industry cannot run away from is the necessity to embrace digital platforms. Creating a YouTube account for your gym and uploading different workout videos recorded by members of your staff is a great way to use digital for your benefit. These videos can be promoted on your social media platforms and users can subscribe to your channel to receive notifications whenever there is a new upload. You can also utilise platforms like IGTV and introduce Live videos on Facebook and Instagram, where users can watch and follow workouts in real time.

You could also upload more extensive workout
videos, fitness guides and eating plans to your website where paying gym
members can get more specialised content. Introduce a newsletter subscription
if you have not already, so that you can update members on new features and
encourage those who do not have paid membership to make the purchase.

Without a doubt, using online video platforms
will come in handy when gyms have been reopened at less than the normal
capacity. Look into introducing outdoor workout programs in different regions
where your clients can meet to do exercise (and socialise) while maintaining a
social distance – these programs will really benefit your employees if you are
a larger gym as they can each lead sessions in their area. You can also record
these sessions for your Youtube channel or stream them live on social.

Don’t leave the kids behind

While children are at home and cannot take part
in extramural activities, children’s fitness has become a huge concern for many
parents. It’s a good idea for fitness clubs and gyms to create workout tailored
to them. These can be on your website for paid members to access, and you can
feature brief snippets on social media to create awareness around this
offering. You could also create kiddies’ healthy food prep videos on social and
Youtube and create meal plans and recommendations for children of different
ages on your website.

What’s your unique offering?

Now, more than ever, it’s important for health
and fitness companies to hone in on their unique offering and add value to
their clients’ everyday routines. Create a survey to find out from your
existing members what they love most about your facility and use that to your
advantage. For example, if most members like your Pilates classes, then offer
more specials around these classes.

It has been a tough period for those in the health and fitness sector, but all hope is not lost. By incorporating one or more of these suggestions into your existing offering, you can grow your clientele. While you certainly can do some of these things on your own, it can be a bit tricky to split your focus between what you do best and getting a handle on the different digital platforms mentioned.

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