Blindly Leaping – Joy the Baker

Blindly Leaping – Joy the Baker

ingredients for classic blondie recipe

Happy Sunday, friends! Since you are my very best friends on the internet I figured I’d share a few thoughts. I think I want to write a book. Okay, I KNOW I want to write a book. It’s been in my very mind and heart for a long time, and it feels like it’s time. Now, here’s my hesitation – where does one start? My brain starts to spin thinking about agents and editors and publishers, and that’s why I have not explored this very scary thing. But we always press on anyway, don’t we? We do the thing that scares us. As someone who has lived most of her life afraid of even casting a shadow, I’m now in the business of jumping first and finding a solution before I land. And I’m taking you all with me, if you want, of course. I have extra parachutes.

So, it’s March, which means the year is basically over, and I’m so sorry to have missed all of 2023 like this. We are deep in the “Chicago gray” part of winter mixed in with some unseasonably warm days, which is trickery I do not like. I almost put away my winter coat! Anyway, as we get into these links I hope you are doing well this fine day. Let’s do this!

As your unofficial Trader Joe’s Snack Lady™  I must update you on my current faves. Their Garlicky Cabbage is a quick side that is a hit every time (especially paired with Joy’s smothered chicken thighs). Their shortbread with raspberry filling makes you feel like you’re back in your grandma’s house eating those shortbread cookies with the red centers. Except they’re so much better. Honorable mention goes to finding Toasted Brown Sugar Pop Tart creamer at the grocery store and screaming about it. (Joy the Baker, Walmart)

 In terms of writing, it turns out that vulnerability is my writing brand. I’m coming around to that fact. I got the extreme privilege writing my most vulnerable piece to date, about my first love  – I somehow punched myself in the gut (figuratively) in the process. (Cup of Jo)

 This weekend you need to make Joy’s Classic Blondie’s  – I can promise it’s the right and perfect thing for you. (Joy the Baker)

 Y’all know my fashion dilemma lately, but I found the perfect pair of jeans at Old Navy and had to tell you about them. They’re not low rise, and they’re.not.low.rise.

 I have never been a huge fan of the race car world, but it is trending so hard lately, which is beyond my understanding. Well, the Formula 1 fangirls are here and making their presence known, okay?! (The Cut)

Here’s what I’m reading right now. I would describe it as Black girl magic meets medieval magic. If you are okay with angsty teen feelings, it’s a genuinely great read. Start with the first book, Legendborn. (

It’s me. Hi. I’m the goblin, it’s me. (Instagram)

Please, tell me you’re caught up on Abbott Elementary?? Why is it the best show ever?! That’s it, that’s all I wanted to say. (Hulu)

The news around the country this week is incredibly disheartening. Laws being passed are honestly downright scary, and it’s easy to feel helpless. There’s a few places you can donate to – the fight, however long and arduous, is worth fighting. Donations can be made at Tennessee Equality Project, Inclusion Tennessee, and Southern Equality Project, which reaches many states.

All my love to you this week.

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