Better Erections. Maybe the Secret is Nitric Oxide?

Better Erections. Maybe the Secret is Nitric Oxide?

A healthy sex life and libido can enhance the quality of relationships, reduce stress, pain and make you feel damn-right sexy.

Restoring, enhancing erections and libido are documented in ancient texts that go back to the start of man’s history and many herbs recorded back then are used in 2023, but now have the scientific evidence to back up what wise men have known for years.

Sustaining an erection long enough for satisfaction affects men of all ages but can decrease with age, and is also affected by certain medication, stress, circulation and structural function and hormone balance.

By 40 years old you lose 50 percent of your nitric oxide levels. Your body normally produces nitric oxide (NO) but like most body functions and hormones this function declines with age and stress. Poor circulation and blood flow mean weaker erections and dampener on libido.

Legit testosterone boosters – like Tribulus  and Ashwaganda and super-charging nitric oxide production nutrients are key ingredients that can help your sex life by strengthening your erections while improving your libido, working for the body and the mind.

Ashwaganda known as Indian Ginseng boosts stamina and is often used with Tribulus to sustain physical performance at the gym, on the farm or just for a great game of golf, so imagine what it can do for your sex life! 

Libido wonders that make an impact include Saffron, Horny Goat Weed, Vitamin D, and through testosterone boosting, Tribulus and Ashwaganda.

A herdsman lost his goats and found them on a mountain side munching away at a weed. Afterwards the goats became extremely horny, so he tried it and like the goats he became randy too. He called it Horny Goat Weed (HGW), or so the story goes. Studies show that iicarin a chemical in HGW work as a nerve protectant as well as a natural aphrodisiac.

Erections can be supercharged with Nitric Oxide. Increased blood flow by 50% and a decrease in oxidative stress of 74% protect penile blood vessels and strengthen them while allowing a full boost.

Blood vessels in the penis need ongoing care and protection while increasing blood flow. A guy must look after his goods! Pine bark extract, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin D, and foods such as broccoli sprout provide healing antioxidants, better quality sperm and ejaculation power.    

Confidence is key – you might have a new partner and want to raise your performance to avoid feeling embarrassed.

Saffron flower stigmas enrich nutristimulants allowing a two-pronged attack to get your body pumping. Working on the NO stimulation pathway to improve erections and relax muscles, saffron also has a bearing on mood. You want to get your blood flow boosted without causing a heart attack. Specialised saffron extracts decrease heart rate while improving mood related depressive symptoms and increase resilience against the development of stress-related disorders – several of them linked to sexual performance.

Many pharmaceutical anti-depressants reduce libido while saffron can reduce cortisol the stress hormone levels that can reduce erections and increase anxiety, insomnia, blood pressure, cholesterol, and sleepless nights.

My friend got dumped by his lady and after a few years on antidepressants found the love of his life, he came off them, but his libido didn’t recover. He thought this was going to be it for the rest of his life. He wanted to gain control of his life again and after he used the herbal and nutrient therapy (revealed here), within weeks, he found his mojo again and he now has a new wife and a little baby girl.


I want to stress that a good libido and sex life is not all about erections. But like raising your own flag, there is a genuine satisfaction when it is all erected. It’s nice to have both isn’t it?


“I have learned that the libido, like Elvis and jealousy, never dies. I know copulators of eighty-five. Who said you need an erection, a body or an orgasm for sex?”

― Hanif Kureishi, The Nothing


These nutristimulants work on emotional and physical well-being, confidence, libido, erections and the health of the veins and circulation.  Being smart and using targeted antioxidants, testosterone builders and Nitric Oxide power-ups are crucial keys to look after yourself as a man.   Be proactive, protect your confidence and fiercely look after your bait and tackle for a healthy sex life.

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