Auto business giving car away to needy resident | News

Auto business giving car away to needy resident | News

Brian Bowman opened Payson Tire Pros and Automotive in 2013 focused on becoming an integral part of the Rim Country community.

Over the years, Payson Tire Pros has established itself as just that, contributing in several ways including sponsoring youth and adult athletic teams and other efforts.

Now, they’re planning to help one needy family by giving away a car on Christmas Eve.

“It’s a 2002 Lincoln Town Car,” said Keaton Loy, a manager at the business.

“An individual was traveling through and the car needed a minor repair, if I’m not mistaken, a fuel pump or something along those lines. They had other vehicles and didn’t want to invest further into this one and we bought it off them, put the money into the repair and got it up and going. And we’ve gone through it since then.”

Instead of selling the car, they thought of another option in this time of giving.

Anyone in need of a good running car is invited to stop by Payson Tire Pros and Automotive, at 212 W. Aero Dr. in Payson, through the close of business at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 21 and fill out an application form to enter the contest and information about the business and event.

They’ll decide who to give the car to on Dec. 22, with the giveaway on Dec. 24.

Loy said the giveaway stems from Bowman’s desire to do what they can for folks in the community.

“It kind of derives from just who our owner is and what our business is really about,” he said. “We’re a community type business, very customer oriented. We take care of our customers and our community. We just reach out to our community and help where we can, and our owner has really structured a lot of what we do towards that. We do a lot of youth sports and things like that as well.”

Bowman said he’s just trying to do what he and his business can to help.

“We wanted to help people out,” Bowman said. “We want to do sponsorships for events and things, but we wanted to be a little bit more in tune with some of the immediate needs that aren’t met through those kinds of things. A lot of that’s driven towards kids and sports and youth and what not, but there’s a lot of people that are straight up just struggling with things and if we can find a way to give something out (we want to).

“We’ve done this a few times for people that we knew in our neighborhood here and it helped them out and we just thought we’d do an outreach to someone we might not know and we’d be able to touch them in a way that we might be able to help them with something.”

Bowman said the effort is driven by faith.

“It’s all really what God puts on our heart here,” he said. “We want to make sure we’re honoring Him in our business ethics and in our life and if He puts something on our heart, then that’s what we want to respond with.

“I mean, this is all about glorifying Him. That’s what our goal is in all we do.”

Visit their Facebook page for a video featuring the car.

For more information or for auto service or repairs, call 928-474-8473 or visit

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