Aston Martin DB6 Concept by Lunaz

Aston Martin DB6 Concept by Lunaz

In a world of progress where old meets new, famous British restauration company Lunaz introduces a new yet versatile concept – the revamped Aston Martin DB6. Showcasing a blend of luxury and vintage features, this electric wonder merges timeless design with eco materials and futuristic styling features, setting a fresh benchmark for the future of car craftsmanship.

Exterior – A Harmonious Display of Classic Sophistication

The DB6 Concept captures the essence of Aston Martin’s design. With curves and LED headlights gracing its fascia, this vintage gem pays homage to the golden age. Lunaz’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond the powertrain as it promises a vehicle that not only turns heads but also cares for our planet.

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Interior – A Revolution in Grandeur

Stepping inside, the DB6 opens up a world where luxury embraces eco-consciousness. Lunaz leads the way with an array of materials thoughtfully selected for their appearance and satisfying touch. From veneers made from eggshells and nutshells to bio-based fabrics and alternative leather derived from apple pomace, every detail showcases the potential of materials in crafting interiors. The DB6 interior is not just a work of art, it is a pledge towards a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

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Performance – A Real Electric Beast on Wheels

The DB6 concept by Lunaz showcases the power of their electric powertrain, which generates 375 bhp. The electric powertrain is not only powerful, it also operates silently, which enhances the driving experience. The battery capacity ranges from 80 to 120 kWh and supports charging through the Combined Charging System (CCS). With a range of 255 miles, the DB6 successfully combines performance with sustainability.

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Sustainability at Its Finest

Lunaz’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the powertrain or the concept`s interior. They have utilized eco materials throughout the vehicle’s design. For instance, they have incorporated a material made from discarded egg and nut shells in components such as the dashboard, gear shifter, and glass handle, all adding an impressive feel of innovation. Additionally, polyurethane fabrics, apple pomace leather, post-recycled fibers, and recycled carpets create a symphony of sustainable technology.

Aston Martin DB6 Concept by Lunaz 1

In that regard, David Lorenz, Founder of Lunaz has also stated: “Upcycling is a holistic, whole-vehicle process in which sustainability encompasses not only the clean-air powertrain but also the materials and finishes used in the interior. We’ve seen significant interest from our clients in maximizing our use of sustainable alternatives to traditional leathers, veneers, and fabrics. This upcycling project provides a wonderful showcase for emerging materials and innovative products, which are opening up new possibilities across the luxury world. As this magnificent Aston Martin DB6 shows, we can create authentic, truly luxurious interiors worthy of the most famous marques using materials with the smallest possible environmental impact. These are very exciting times for us, our clients, and our industry.”

Price Tag – Not for Average People

Lunaz aims to make sustainable luxury not quite accessible while positioning the DB6 concept as its pinnacle. In terms of pricing, according to Top Gear, the Aston Martin DB6 EV by Lunaz is priced at around £650,000, which at current exchange rates, would be around $815,900. This pricing strategy is designed to invite an audience to embrace both heritage and sustainability while indulging in eco-luxury.

Aston Martin DB6 Concept by Lunaz 2

Final Conclusions – Shaping the Future of Luxury Cars

The DB6 concept serves as evidence of Lunaz’s commitment to shaping the future of luxury cars. Through the integration of heritage and sustainability elements, Lunaz has crafted more than a concept – it is an automotive masterpiece that encourages us to reimagine sustainable opulence. The DB6 concept represents not a car but a courageous stride, towards a greener and more luxurious future.

Lunaz’s commitment to upcycling goes beyond the drivetrain and encompasses every aspect of the vehicle. From the dashboard to the carpets each component reflects Lunaz`s dedication to reducing impact. By using recycled fibers, low-carbon leather, and a blend of recycled fabric, Lunaz demonstrates a holistic approach to upcycling, positioning the DB6 concept as a trailblazer in sustainable automotive design.

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