Ambient recently announced its so-called computer vision, an AI-powered technology that relies on algorithms to evaluate objects, people, and other things it sees. 

Ambient Computer Vision Raises Privacy Concerns! But CEO Says People's Sensitive Data is Protected

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Thanks to its advanced capabilities, it can detect dangerous behaviors or activities of a human. 

Because of this, Allied Market Research (AMR), a market research firm, concluded that Ambient and other computer vision product vendors will be worth more than $144.46 billion by 2028. 

But, some critics are concerned that Ambient’s computer vision can affect the privacy of consumers it scans. Since this is the case, its CEO clarified some things about its artificial intelligence product. 

Ambient’s Computer Vision is Safe? 

Shikhar Shrestha, the co-founder and CEO of Ambient, provided some details about their advanced computer vision tech. She also explained why consumers’ sensitive details are not put at risk. 

Ambient Computer Vision Raises Privacy Concerns! But CEO Says People's Sensitive Data is Protected

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A police CCTV camera observes a woman walking in the Embankment area of central London, 04 April 2007. A system of “talking” CCTV cameras which let operators shout at people who misbehave is being extended across England, ministers said Wednesday, fueling fears of a “Big Brother” society. Under the scheme, local council workers in local control centres monitor pictures from the cameras and can berate passers-by if they feel they are doing something wrong.

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“We are committed to working with our customers to ensure that their use of the product is consistent with the requirements of applicable privacy and data protection laws,” she explained via Venture Beat‘s latest report. 

She added that they could easily control the computer vision tech, limiting what it can do and access once the AI is integrated into security cameras. 

However, privacy advocates are still concerned that the appearance of computer vision and other similar technologies can normalize greater levels of surveillance.  

How Ambient’s Computer Vision Works? 

According to TechCrunch‘s latest report, Ambient’s advanced computer vision works by using artificial intelligence to simultaneously monitor hundreds of videos streams. 

This technology also processes raw footage metadata but excludes gender attributes, facial attributes, and identifiers of race. 

In other news, UN delegates recently tried to end the use of autonomous weapons or “Slaughterbots.” Meanwhile, Meta’s new anti-fake news AI has been rolled out to prevent misinformation spread. 

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