A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Best HVLS Fans for the Workplace

A Detailed Guide to Choosing the Best HVLS Fans for the Workplace

High volume, low, speed fans, referred to as HVLS fans, are considered an evolution from the basic industrial ceiling fans. Inspired by airplane wings, HVLS fan blades are uniquely designed to carry enormous volumes of air uniformly from the center hub to the blade’s tip. One can find HVLS industrial ceiling fans in various diameters, ranging from 8’ to 24’ in diameter. It can be easily said that HVLS fans are the best option for cooling the workplace. This article guides an individual in purchasing an efficient HVLS fan for the organization.

How much space is required for cooling by an HVLS fan?

A high level of speed and pacing is necessitated by the logistics facilities. By installing the HVLS fans, warehouse and logistic facilities can de-stratify the air and combine the heat strata that are being built up from the ceiling down. Generally, the larger the space that needs to be cooled, the larger the fans are required. For instance, an 18’ and 24’ tall HVLS fan will be needed to cool a larger location, like a warehouse.

Factors affecting the cost of HVLS fan

When calculating the cost, any individual can make the mistake of thinking that it is the only upfront cost that is to be considered. But the truth is something different. While it is important to consider the fan’s buying price, here are some other factors that should be considered:

  • Energy consumed by the HVLS fans
  • Size of the HVLS fans
  • Maintenance and repair costs

What type of HVLS fan will be accepted by the workplace?

While several different types of commercial HVLS fans are available on the market, not every type is suitable for a particular workplace. A fan, for instance, might demand a voltage that is incompatible with the electrical system being installed in the company. Therefore, it is vital to consider all the essential characteristics of the business before choosing the type of HVLS fan. Also, one must consider the weight and installation requirements of the fan.

Comfort cooling in summer

When utilized to offer comfortable cooling for individuals, a pole-mounted HVLS fan that can reduce the felt temperature by up to 10 degrees F is a great choice. This is because of the adiabatic cooling that occurs when air moves across an individual’s skin and sweat evaporates. The air velocity determines the amount of adiabatic cooling that occurs and the cooling impact felt by a person. Since HVLS industrial ceiling fans give the most adiabatic cooling effect over a large area by moving air at the ideal velocity, they are considered perfect for comfort cooling.


Once an organization is convinced to use an HVLS fan to move air in the workplace, its job is not over. Knowing the factors to consider when choosing an HVLS fan is crucial. Understanding the above-listed factors will help an individual make the best decision.

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