8 awesome tips to treat teething rash around mouth –

8 awesome tips to treat teething rash around mouth –

The basic logic behind curing teething rashes is keeping the baby’s skin clean and dry.


There are a few simple things you can try to help reduce the chances of a drool rash on your baby’s skin, soothe your baby’s teething rash, and also try to get rid of it sooner.


1.    Manage the drool

The most important thing after a teething rash has made its appearance on the face is to try and ensure no more drool falls on it, or anywhere else on the baby’s skin.


Keep wiping off the drool gently from your baby’s skin, using soft fabrics.


Do not use force while wiping the drool and do not overdo the wiping; this may also cause irritation and dryness of the skin.


Using a bib to keep the drool from falling on the baby’s skin is also recommended. There are special bibs that are super absorbent made for this purpose.


You could also use a soft organic muslin burp cloth for cleaning the drool off baby’s skin.


2.    Keep the baby’s hands away from the rash caused by teething around the mouth

As a natural instinct, babies will want to rub or scratch the rash, which can worsen it. To prevent this,

    • Cut the baby’s nails short with the help of a nail clipper
    • Try putting on mittens for times the baby is not distracted by other things and might touch the rashes
    • You can try to keep the baby distracted with sensory toys, like the ones that glow, move around, or make noise


3.    Take care of the skin

Moisturizing the skin is an effective way to sooth the inflamed skin and even create a ‘barrier’ to keep the moisture sealed in.


First clean the rashes with a gentle cleanser, dry it gently (do not rub at all) and then apply a baby moisturizer or a ‘barrier cream’ that is scent-free.


Applying coconut oil, petroleum jelly, or shea butter to seal the moisture is also a good option.


Coconut oil has worked wonderfully while treating my kids teething rash on face and has further worked effectively even on their diaper rashes. You should definitely give this home remedy a try.


You can also use Lanolin ointment on the rashes to prevent it from worsening.


4.    Give something cold and chewy to gnaw on

In the teething phase, the baby’s gums are inflamed, so to soothe them, give your baby something cold (not too cold) and chewy to gnaw on.


The cold will help remove the painful sting that gums feel during teething.


For this purpose, generally babies are given

Ensure that you give them this for a limited time and the item/s are not very cold, as it can make them drool more.


Pacifiers in particular, can trap the drool between itself and the skin, and hence, aggravate the irritation of the skin and worsen the teething rash around the mouth.


5.    Gum massage

One of easiest thing a parent can do to ease the gum discomfort during teething is massaging the baby’s gums gently, increasing the blood flow there, which hastens the healing process.


6.    Change wet clothes

Never keep wet clothes (baby clothes, bedding, soiled diapers, anything) in contact with the baby’s skin for long, as it can give rise to rashes. Replace bibs regularly too, as the baby might touch it and spread the rashes to other areas.


7.    Limit/stop using things that might irritate the skin

Detergent to wash baby’s clothes, baby soap, lotions, etc. should be free from dyes and scents, which can possibly irritate the inflamed skin further.


8.    Emollient creams

Teething rashes need to be kept clean and dry, and emollient creams offer the water barrier required for this. Some emollient creams are –

    • Aquaphor
    • Vaseline
    • Lanisoh lanolin cream

You can also use some natural products with beeswax for the same purpose.


If the teething rash around the mouth or any other part has worsened, if there is bleeding or oozing or the skin there is cracked, then show it to your doctor immediately, who may prescribe an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream with a mild 1% formulation.

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