5 Home Maintenance Tips to Help You Prep for Summer Weather

5 Home Maintenance Tips to Help You Prep for Summer Weather

Well-maintained porch that has been made ready for summer.

As warm weather arrives, the sunny days and comfortable temperatures offer a perfect environment for taking care of some much-needed projects around the house. By proactively caring for your property, you’ll find it a lot easier to relax and enjoy the summer season. And you’ll also be ensuring that your home performs at its best, retains its value, and makes you happy to be there.

So this summer, use these tips to help you get your house in tip-top shape.

5 Areas to Cover in Your Summer Home Upkeep 

1. Take Care of Those “Necessary” Maintenance Tasks 

While summer is a time to chill out and catch some rays, it’s also an ideal season to care for your house. Clear weather makes it easy to spot issues, and the rain-free days ensure repairs can be made without interference. Take advantage of this chance to inspect your home’s exterior.

  • Check the air-conditioning unit to be sure it’s working. Schedule its annual service early, so you can be sure it’s running properly during hot days.
  • Have bug treatments performed to nix those annoying ants, spiders, and mosquitos.
  • Clear the dryer vent and exhaust duct. This small detail is easy to overlook, but it prevents house fires.

2. Finish Up Spring Cleaning Tasks 

Before summer kicks in fully, use the comfortably warm (but not overly hot) weather to clean around your house’s exterior.

  • Power wash your driveway and sidewalks to rinse away deicers, sand, grime, and pollen. 
  • Reseal asphalt/concrete if needed, to keep damaging moisture from seeping in and creating cracks or potholes.
  • Clean gutters by removing all debris. Don’t overlook the downspouts. Run a hose in the drainage system to ensure the water flows properly. If you spot issues, have repairs made—gutters protect your foundation from costly structural woes.
  • Wash windows inside and outside to give yourself beautiful, clear views. Remove and clean screens, looking for nicks and tears that need repair.

Pro tip: Summer is a great time to invest in new windows. So if you notice you have broken panes, defective locks, or aging glass—Pella windows are a high-performing replacement option that Michigan homeowners appreciate. 

3. Beautify Your Exterior Spaces 

Sunny days mean people walking through the neighborhood more often, friends coming over more frequently, and guests arriving for seasonal visits—so your home will be on display. Ensure you’re getting the curb appeal you deserve by refreshing all the exterior features that can catch people’s eye.

  • Create a new look for your landscaping by removing dead bushes, planting fresh flowers, and adding a birdbath or other landscaping décor. 
  • Paint your exterior to give it a fresh, bright appearance. Tip: A new coat of paint also protects against moisture damage!
  • Repair and paint fences and gates to give your front and back yards protection and a touch of class.

4. Prepare for Summer Entertaining 

One of the best ways to enjoy summer is having guests over for backyard barbecues, swims in the pool, and catch-up conversations on the front porch. Make sure you’re fully ready for entertaining.

  • Test your grill, clean it, and fill its gas tank (or buy a supply of charcoal). Place it at a safe distance from your home exterior to be sure it doesn’t melt or burn anything.
  • Clean outdoor furniture and set it into place so that guests will find it easy to relax. Why not invest in some cozy cushions, attractive planters, and other finishing touches too?
  • Treat decking by resealing or re-staining it. This protects against moisture damage and also boosts its looks.
  • Check children’s swing sets, tree houses, and outdoor toys, and ensure they’re free of damage so everyone is safe as they play.

5. Invest in Sizeable Home Upgrades 

With the long stretch of sunny days free of precipitation, this season of the year is ideal for any large projects you need to have done on your home. Consider the age and condition of your house’s key features, and take steps to make upgrades now.

  • Inspect your roofing for any missing roof shingles or other signs of damage. (Look in spaces like the attic for leaks.) Summer is perfect for a roof replacement if you need one.
  • Replace old, aging doors with brand-new ones that give your home instant style and added security.
  • Remodel rooms like your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom—or even build an addition if you’ve been dreaming of expanding your living space.
  • Install new siding to give your house a full, beautiful makeover that makes it stand out in your neighborhood.

Pro tip: If you notice that it’s time for new siding, one of the top-performing, longest-lasting options available is James Hardie. This elegant, durable fiber cement siding protects Michigan homes superbly from wind, rain, snow, humidity, pests, and more. It’s warranted to last at least 30 years—but often lasts longer when it’s installed by pros.

Love Your Home All Summer Long and Beyond—with Premium Upgrades from John McCarter Construction   

As you get ready to make the most out of your summer, you may notice areas of your home that need some added care or repair. When that happens, remember that our team of exterior remodeling pros at John McCarter Construction is here to serve you. We’ll help you make upgrades that keep your Rochester Hills and Ann Arbor area home house secure against summer’s heat and rain, giving you peace of mind.

Check out our full range of home remodeling services—and see how easy it can be to transform your home and love it even more!

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