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  • I’m a parent of three kids under the age of 4, including identical twins. 
  • As a parenting editor, I’ve tested so many baby products in search of things that are actually useful.
  • Here are 15 of the best products for kids and babies that make things easier (and more fun) for my family.

I was pretty clueless about babies and all the baby-related products when I had my first. I spent way too much money on things that my husband and I didn’t need, and also made so many middle-of-the-night impulse purchases trying to solve whatever problem we were facing at that point in time. 

By the time I found out I was pregnant with twins the second time around, I was a parenting editor and had two years of my own parenting experience under my belt. I got to test more baby products that you can even name. 

Now, as a far more experienced parent than I was four years ago, I have some favorite products that I recommend to every parent because they have been game-changers for my family. Some solve actual problems, others are fun, and many of the things I recommend can be used for several years, reducing waste and money spent. 

Here are 15 products I recommended as a parenting editor and mom of 3: